Bonnie and Clyde

Fandom: Lilo and Stitch (Disney)
Ship: Bonnie/Clyde
Word Count: 764
Warnings: None

Bonnie sighed as she put her chin in her hands and stared across her cell. She hated prison. It was so boring. She flopped onto her back and stared up at the bottom of the top bunk. Clyde's bulk made a lump in the bottom of the mattress. She smiled as she thought up a way to entertain herself for the moment. She had to nearly do a hand stand but she felt it would be worth it as she kicked the lump that was Clyde's gigantic tuchus. She laughed as she heard his yelp of pain and shock. She was so busy rolling around on her cot, holding her sides so she wouldn't burst from all the laughter that she didn't notice Clyde climbing down. He landed beside the bunk beds with a loud thump and crossed his arms with an angry look on his face as he tapped his foot. Bonnie stopped laughing and sat up looking somewhat worried. 

"Uh oh." she stated with a nervous smile. "Come on Clyde. Can't ya take a joke no more?"


She gasped as he put a hand on the railing of the bunk beds and tilted it over, dumping her out. She rubbed her butt as she stood and faced Clyde furiously. This was turning out to be less entertaining than she thought. Instead she supposed it was time for the two of them to air out their frustration from being confined together for too long with nothing to do but stare at one another all day. It was bound to happen sooner or later and she was surprised it had taken as long as it had. She was also surprised that no one had come to check on the racket yet. Maybe that loser cop was out sitting in his car doing nothing.

She lunged at Clyde and tackled him to the ground which was a feat if you considered their large size difference. Clyde held her up in the air with his mechanical arm as she swung at him in vein. She just kept swinging at him as he held her up effortlessly, smiling, She grew tired and just hung over his arm, trying to catch her breath. Clyde laughed at her and she looked miffed as she climbed down from him.

She turned her back and crossed her arms. Clyde stopped smiling and stood as well. He had obviously hurt her pride by not letting her wail on him to get the frustration out. He would sooner have taken the light beating if he'd known she'd get so upset. He sighed and walked over, placing his hand on her shoulder softly. She knocked it away without even turning around to look at him and crossed her arms again. 

"Hey, I didn't tell ya to kick me in the rear, Bonnie!" he exploded. "Ya wanna beat me up because you're bored? Go ahead! It's not like it'd hurt!"

Bonnie's eyes widened and she gasped as her arms fell to her side. He'd just added insult to injury and she would never forgive him now. The imbecile couldn't even make up right. She ran to the doors and banged on the bars of their cell, yelling for someone to move her to another one. She couldn't take another minute with this lard butt. As she piled insult upon insult into her pleas for removal Clyde grew angrier. He grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around.

"Shut up Bonnie! This is yer fault! I should be the one askin' to be moved!"

Bonnie looked away and closed her eyes, unwilling to even look at him in her anger. Clyde squeezed her shoulders.

"You shouldn't've kicked me, Bonnie! But....I shouldn't have called you weak neither. Cause ya ain't."

Bonnie slowly looked up into Clyde's eyes and tried her hardest not to smile. If she smiled it meant she forgave him and she didn't. Not even when he spoke to her so sweetly with that charming smile on his goofy face. She couldn't hold onto her rage much longer and Clyde was relieved to find a smile cracking her angry face. She looked away as she did so but she couldn't conceal it. She put her arms to Clyde's waist and he pulled her into a hug. She snuggled her face into his chest and sighed. Things would be better when they got out but at the moment she was glad to share the same cell with the one she loved. Even if they did get on each other's nerves from time to time.