Here you can find the games I'm working on or have completed. You might find demos, incomlpete games, and someday perhaps even a fully completed game.


Temple of Aphrodite

Play on Gamejolt
Status: Completed
Date Completed: March 2018
Desription: This is a virtual shrine to Aprhodite. It's mostly completed. I had some other plans for it, but it functions as it is. This was made with other polytheists in mind, so it most likely won't be of interest to anyone who doesn't actually worship Aphrodite.


Chance and Mary-Anne Dating Sim

Status: In Progress
Description: This is to be a dating sim for the pairing of Chance and Mary-Anne from the Penumbra Podcast. It's been in the in-progress stage for a long time as non-profit work got in the way, but I'm looking to revive it soon.