The Aftercare

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Robo Fizz/Concord (OC)
Word Count: 2,500
Warnings: This story is generally sexual in nature. It also explores trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and rape. This chapter contains a long sex scene and some talk about trauma, abuse, and assault afterwards.
Notes: Concord uses a psychology term that I want to define for the reader. Fizz has no idea what it means so whatever your initial thoughts on the term "emotional incest" are probably line up with his. But what it means isn't as bad as it sounds. It's also known as covert incest.

"Covert incest is described as occurring when a parent is unable or unwilling to maintain a relationship with another adult and forces the emotional role of a spouse onto their child instead. The child's needs are ignored and instead the relationship exists solely to meet the needs of the parent."

Only their eyes shone in the dark, Fizz’s casting a bit of illumination. His fingers slipped under his robe and nudged it off. As it fell around him, Concord’s logical mind tried to scream about how dangerous this was without setting up explicit boundaries first. Perhaps in writing. Notarized even. But it wasn’t getting through. He could only hear Fizz’s voice now, quiet and strangely soft.

“Hold out your hands.” 

Concord did as he was told as Fizz took the rope from his robe. He used it to tie his hands together and Concord felt the panic rush through him. He’d never willingly put himself in this position before. Giving up control was one thing but to be physically restrained was another. The small space didn’t help. He could feel the walls pressing in on him. A panic attack threatened to overwhelm him until Fizz’s fingers brushed his skin, gently cupping his cheek. 

“I won’t hurt you.” 

Concord’s eyes filled with tears at the reassurance in his voice and Fizz used a thumb to wipe them away. 

“Don’t forget you have the safe word. If you want me to slow down or go easy, use mercy. If you can’t speak and need to communicate, pinch me as hard as you need to. I’ll make sure your hands are somewhere you can do that. Are you ready?”

Concord nodded and tried to steady his breathing. For a moment it surprised him that Fizz had all of that ready. But of course he did. He had programming and experience for this exact thing. Reminding himself of that put Concord a bit more at ease.

Fizz slid off his lap and pulled him to his hooves. Concord looked up to find his bright eyes shining down on him, ethereal and mesmerizing in the darkness. They disappeared briefly, leaving Concord a bit disoriented. It took Fizz’s tunic fluttering to the floor in front of him to realize why. 

Fizz took his hands and slid them up his bare stomach to rest at his waist. He was so thin Concord could get both hands around his sides even while they were tied together. 

“Leave those there.” 

Concord squeezed lightly to show he understood. Fizz’s fingers ran through the hair between his horns before sliding up to grip one. That shift from tender to firm sent shivers down his spine, tail twitching into motion. The green lights hovering above him narrowed as Fizz grinned, pulling his head forward and down. 

The arms stretched up towards Fizz’s waist acted almost as blinders as he listened to the clicks and whirs of his crotch. He’d heard that on the first night just before he began, but it still caught him off guard when a cock popped out directly in front of his face like some kind of jack-in-the-box. Fizz steered his head by the horns until it pushed at his lips. Concord took it eagerly, humming as he relaxed so Fizz could take control. He made soft, muffled sounds of pleasure as Fizz pushed and pulled, fingers squeezing his waist if he went too deep.  

Once they’d established a comfortable rhythm, Concord decided to give him a little something extra. His tongue may not have been as long or as agile as Fizz’s but it had its own talents. As Fizz pulled his head back, he ran it up the underside of his shaft and curled it inward, the forked tips teasing the underside of both sides of the head. Fizz gasped in before letting out something between a moan and a soft laugh. A hand left his horn to run through his hair again. 

“That’s good.” 

Just one taste of that approval made Concord crave more. His tongue flicked up and down, curling around the shaft as Fizz continued to pet him with one hand and hold him where he was with the other. The noises he made now were different from the first night. They seemed less performative, more genuinely pleased, if quieter. 

When he’d had his fill, Fizz pulled Concord away and tilted his head up so he could look down on him. The light from those mirthful slits blinded Concord momentarily. It left him feeling dazed as his eyes tried to readjust. He could only focus on catching his breath as Fizz ran a thumb over his bottom lip, wiping away some of the drool there.

“Going down,” he warned playfully. 

His arm wrapped around him entirely and Concord was lifted, flipped, and deposited on the floor unceremoniously. He could sense Fizz behind him as he pushed himself to his hands and knees. A hand rested on his back.


Concord shivered as slender fingers glided down his spine, pausing for a moment as they reached the base of his tail. He curled them around it and kept going until he had the end raised to his lips. Concord bit his lip as Fizz pressed a few kisses around the sensitive spade before dragging sharp teeth along the edge. He felt a jolt of fear at the thought of Fizz biting down on it.


Fizz could probably feel the shaking all the way down to his tail. He gave it a lick along the edge he’d threatened and released it. Concord felt a surge of relief and arousal at Fizz’s mercy and had to shut down the part of his brain that wanted to analyze the reaction. There were more important things to focus on right now. 

Like Fizz’s hands sliding down his sides to grip his hips, a move that seemed to ground him. His hands slid a little further down after a moment, parting his cheeks. Fizz’s wet tongue snaked its way down to prod and swirl around his hole. He already knew what that tongue could do and lowered his upper body to get a bit more height, giving Fizz as much access as he could. Fizz took the time to pause for a sinister chuckle.

“What a good little imp.”

Those words shot through him like a lightning bolt and Concord’s mind started working again. He loved praise from Fizz. It was something he got so rarely in life. It struck him so poignantly in that moment. Concord gasped, pulled out of his intrusive analyzing, and groaned as Fizz’s tongue went back to work, probing and stretching. The fact that he couldn’t get his hands free to touch himself drove him mad and he squirmed in frustration. Fizz seemed amused at his struggle, chuckling to himself. After a while, he leaned over him and pressed his cheek against Concord’s. 

“Need a little help?” 


“Please, what?” 

“Please. I...I need you to...I need..”

Concord’s voice came out weak and shallow, desperate, as he lowered his head to his bound hands. Fizz pulled back and his good arm stretched around to give him a literal hand with quick and steady strokes. Concord dissolved into soft swears and exhalations. As he eased some of Concord’s need, he decided it was time to ease his own. He slid in slowly, and Concord let out a low moan. Had he gotten bigger since the last time? 

He took his time easing in and stayed inside him for a moment, letting him adjust to accommodate the larger size. He bit the rope binding his hands as Fizz began to thrust. He started out slow and steady, but quickly picked up speed. The hand he still had free gripped his hip harder as he leaned over him again. 

He ran his tongue up his back and found the bite mark he’d left from their last encounter. He took his time exploring the wounds there, little words of encouragement slipping from between sharp teeth. As he picked up speed, he kissed and licked his way to his other shoulder, and Concord cried out as he bit down suddenly, a powerful thrust accompanying it.

He could barely feel the pain. Fizz had found the sweet spot and Concord’s fingers curled in the carpet as he hit it hard and fast. The hand stroking him matched the pace and Concord released the rope between his teeth to utter Fizz’s name at each thrust.

Fizz released his shoulder, tongue darting over the pinpricks he left behind, making them sting pleasantly. He licked Concord’s horn, tongue wrapping around the curve at the end for a moment before pressing his cheek against it. Concord could hear some of Fizz’s own pleasure seep into his voice as he purred.

“Be a good little imp and come for me now.”    

That was enough to send him over the edge and Concord felt his whole body seize up, arching his back as he cried out one last time. He let his head fall to his hands again as waves of pleasure pulsed through him. Fizz pulled out after a moment and he felt whatever lubricants or cum he’d shot into him dripping down his thighs. 

Fizz grabbed his horn again, slick with Concord’s cum. He used his clean hand to pet his hair, muttering little bits of praise. Satan, he loved that. Once he thought he had the ability to stay upright for more than two seconds, he sat up and turned to face him. 

Fizz’s eyes were slits and Concord knew he must have been grinning from ear to ear. He took his chin in his fingers and leaned down to kiss him softly. He moved the kisses down to the new bite mark on his shoulder as both hands worked the rope free. As Concord rubbed them, Fizz scooped him up and settled them into a comfortable position. 

Fizz cradled him in his arms, feet up against the door, almost folded around him. He took a hand and gently kissed his way around his wrist. Concord smiled as his eyes illuminated the light marks from the rope. They weren’t too bad and would probably be gone before he got back to the office. Concord’s hand slipped out of Fizz’s fingers and reached up to cup his cheek, pulling him down into another soft, tired kiss. 

“Thank you.”

He saw no fear or confusion in Fizz’s eyes this time. He gave him a more sincere smile instead, partially shrouded in the shadows of the limited lighting. 

“The pleasure was all mine.” 

Concord burrowed into his embrace as a purr started vibrating his chest, enjoying the feeling of his fingers tracing the curve of his horn. Something so strange had happened. He felt liberated. He never would have thought in a million years he’d feel this free after letting someone dominate him. He’d feared trusting someone so fully for so long. But now, basking in the afterglow, he realized it was what he’d needed. Someone to take complete control of him and to come out safe on the other side. To show him it was possible to trust and not be hurt.

“I think I need you more than I thought you needed me.”

Fizz’s hand stopped it’s soothing motion, but only for a moment. 

“Did that make you uncomfortable?” 

“No one’s ever needed me before.” 

“Is it okay that I need you?”

“Seems like a lot of pressure,” he joked. “You’re a hot mess.” 

Concord laughed a little. 

“I suppose I am. Just don’t let my patients find out.” 

Fizz’s fingers moved to slide over his stomach, feeling around for the scars. 

“Can I ask now?” 

Concord felt torn. He hadn’t imagined it coming back up this soon. But he felt so safe with Fizz right now. It might be the best time to just get it out of the way. 

“Now is okay.” 

Fizz’s hand stayed on his stomach, a finger sliding around as if counting the scars, connecting those dots again. Concord adjusted himself in his arms to sit up a bit more.

“My mother did it. You know, she named me Discord but, as she’s so fond of telling me, she took one look at my face and decided that was the face of a little bitch.” Concord let out a laugh as he imitated his mother’s wrath ring accent. “So, she changed it. She’d hoped it would get me beaten up in school. Toughen me up. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the results she wanted. One night - I was barely thirteen - she decided to take care of the problem herself. So, she came into my room and stabbed me twelve times.”

His voice was very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. But her voice echoed in his mind as it often did when he told this story, screaming at him to fight back. Fizz’s good arm wound around his waist and Concord ran a hand over it, glad for the comfort.

“Well, I lived, and she wasn’t quite as bad about trying to toughen me up after that. I suppose she thought if almost killing me didn’t work, nothing would. And here I am. Still the softest bitch in Hell.” 

A hint of pride tinged his voice as he finished. He’d stopped trying to pretend he was anything else a long time ago. He’d rather be soft all things considered.

“I counted thirteen scars.” 


“You have another one on your chest.” 

“Oh, that’s from when I told her I intended to leave for college. I moved in with a boyfriend, and she wasn’t very happy about it. She thinks of me as a little bitch but I suppose she intended for me to stay her bitch. Emotional incest is an interesting thing.” 

Silence sank in for a while, and Concord started to worry he’d overshared. 

“Was that too much?” 

Fizz’s bells jingled as he shook his head and his voice dropped into a deep snarl halfway through his response.

“Just thinking of all the ways we could kill her and have sex on her corpse.” 

Fizz’s sharp teeth were bared and his eyes narrowed to slits, brighter than ever. He looked terrifying. But Concord felt a slow smile pulling at his lips, ducking his head as if afraid Fizz might see with the extra illumination. 

“I didn’t expect you to be protective of me.” 

“You’re mine now.” 

He loosened his arm enough to use it to push Concord closer to his face, finger tilting his chin up, so he could kiss him. 

“And I take care of my toys.” 

Fizz’s eyes lit up a proud smirk as he lowered him again. Concord felt his heart jolt at the declaration and he had to change the subject before Fizz got him worked up all over again. Though part of him wondered, why not let it happen? It seemed to have done them both good. It made him so happy to see Fizz take pride in being a better owner than those who’d hurt him. As much a joke as it seemed to begin with, this really had turned out to be a great therapy tool. He broke eye contact with a shy smile.

“We should get out of this closet.”