The Ambush

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Robo Fizz/Concord (OC)
Word Count: 2,572
Warnings: This story is generally sexual in nature. It also explores trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and rape. This chapter contains depiction of rape and sexual violence. It's about two paragraphs and there were attempts to keep it from being gratuitous. It is all surrounded by [[[brackets]]] so you can skip it if you need to.

When Fizz woke in the afternoon, Concord had already left his arms. That wasn’t uncommon with their differing sleep schedules. He rolled out of bed and went on the hunt for his lost little imp, expecting to find him in the kitchen. Instead, he found him sitting on the living room floor. He had a box next to him and pictures spread out over the coffee table. 

Fizz kneeled behind him and wrapped his arms around his shoulder, chin resting between his horns. The pictures on the table seemed to be mostly of his mother and Fizz felt a stab of hatred at the sight of her. But there were also pictures of the two of them that Fizz had never seen before. 

“When did you take these?” he asked, picking one up and then another. “Am I asleep in all of these?” 

Concord had a sheepish look as he snatched them back. 

“I….didn’t know if you would like me taking them. But I wanted pictures. I only took a few.” 

“I’ve been sleeping with a creep,” Fizz teased, kissing his neck. “You should have asked. I’d be very happy to pose for you.”

Concord tilted his head, voice soft and low. 

“Maybe we can have a photoshoot later.” 

“Okay, but I have to warn you. I only do nudity.” 

Concord laughed and Fizz turned his attention back to the pictures of his mother, as if locking in on the biggest threat to that happy sound. 

“What are you doing with those?” 

“Thinking,” he replied. “I might get rid of them.” 

“Can I help?” 

Fizz didn’t even try to hide the loathing in his voice. But Concord shook his head. 

“It’s something I have to do myself. I can take care of it later.” 

He turned and leaned up for his morning kiss. Fizz smiled down at him and ran his hand over his horn, forgetting about the bitch for now. Time for the daily check-up. 

“Did you sleep well? Did you eat? Drink some water? Bathe?” 

Concord nodded along until the last one at which point he looked sheepish again. 

“Then let’s take care of that together.” 

Fizz scooped him up with a little toss and started towards the bathroom. He had to get cleaned up himself after all and it’d be a lot nicer to have company. He had gotten into the habit of helping bathe Concord during the deeper part of his depression. That had often been more like a chore, but now it seemed like a nice bonding activity. 

He enjoyed the feeling of Concord’s gentle hands over his back, his soft look as he washed his arms, his chest, wet fingers reaching up to cup his face for a quick kiss before they switched. Concord leaned back against him as he shampooed his hair, taking special care to wash his horns while he was at it. 

They had a few hours together before Fizz had to leave for work, so they spent it together on the couch. Fizz liked the idea of doing that photoshoot, but he knew where that would lead. He didn’t want to have to get cleaned up all over again. But he wanted to give Concord something before he left for work.

He took a picture of the two of them tangled up together on the couch, using his arm to hold the phone high enough to get a full shot. Concord took his phone back and smiled so brightly at the image that Fizz felt a strange jolt in his chest. He immediately made it his lockscreen background and kissed Fizz long and hard. 

It was a nice day. But Fizz had to leave for work eventually. He couldn’t start skipping multiple days for risk of losing traction with regular clients or territory to someone else. Not that he wasn’t sorely tempted by Concord’s efforts to pull him back to the bedroom. He grabbed him up to stop the tugging on his arm and kissed him. 

“I gotta go, baby.” 

“I know,” Concord sighed. “I love you so much. Please, be safe?” 

“I’ll be okay,” he promised. “I’ll see you at breakfast.” 

Concord kissed him one more time before finally letting him go. Fizz’s night went fairly average from there. He had a lot of regular clients, most of them easy. He did have to deal with one asshole who thought he could play without pay. He was still riding that wave of anger when a particularly small imp solicited him. 

He tried to put his annoyance aside and followed the imp to an empty warehouse, keeping an eye out for an ambush. It wouldn’t be the first time a group of imps had tried that on him. If the little bastards would just spring for a group rate he wouldn’t have to kick their asses. As they approached the center of the warehouse, lit dimly by a bare bulb, the imp he’d been following suddenly took off to the left. 

Fizz didn’t give a shit where that little asshole went. He’d been the bait. He had to figure out the trap. The floor didn’t drop from beneath him, he wasn’t yanked by a net or rope, and he didn’t see anyone else. His eyes scanned the darkness frantically. 

Eyes! Fizz turned to face the glowing red eyes approaching from the darkness on his right. He’d been searching too low, looking for other imps. But these footsteps were huge and thumping, a limp evident in the rhythm. The demon rose above him as he stepped into the light. He loomed, a full three feet taller, heavy robes cloaking him, but Fizz knew what lay beneath his disguise. All he could see in his mind’s eye were those hands, all those damn hands, reaching for him.

“Ahroth,” he breathed, hushed and terrified.  

“Time to go home, my pet.” 

Fizz’s body almost froze at the sound of that hoarse voice, a reflex. But one he could fight now. He went for his weak leg, an arm shooting out to wrap around the ankle. But Ahroth grabbed it before it could connect.

“Oh, Fizzarolli,” he laughed. “As if I didn’t know you.”

With one strong tug Fizz found himself jerked into his arms. Another hand emerged from the robes to grab his chin and tilt it up so he could watch those sharp smiles unfurl, one emitting a low laugh as the other spoke.

“As if I didn’t make you what you are.” 

“Fuck you!” 

Fizz spit in his face and as he turned his head to avoid it landing in an eye, Fizz’s other arm wound up tight before throwing a punch. Ahroth’s look of shock would be cemented in Fizz’s mind for the rest of his life, the moment his fist connected with that asshole’s jaw like a million orgasms at once. 

Ahroth stumbled to the side, but he refused to let go of his arm, wrenching it painfully. He cursed and growled as he clutched his face, turning furious eyes back to him as Fizz tried to pull his arm free. But it had locked up. It wouldn’t extend or retract. Several of those pale hands started pulling at his arm, reeling him in. Fizz fell to the ground, clawing at the concrete with his free hand as Ahroth dragged him back. 

“You little bitch,” he hissed. “How dare you raise a hand to me? I own you!” 

Fizz stopped clawing in panic and turned over on his back, both legs curling up to his chest before a barrage of kicks pelted Ahroth. The first few hit his side as he cringed away from them, but he had plenty of hands to spare. He caught each leg in two hands, twisting them together rapidly. Fizz thrashed and threw his free arm out wildly, searching for something to grab onto in the darkness.

His fingers caught on something and wrapped around it, but as Ahroth gave the final pull he could feel it tip over and the clatter of metal hitting concrete echoed through the warehouse. Ahroth reared back and brought a pair of clasped hands down on his chest. He cried out in agony as he felt the empty cavity where his tentacles would be housed crumple. He tried to switch off his pain receptors but couldn’t. Something had jammed, jolts of energy sparking through his chest. 

Ahroth had every limb pinned except one. He felt around until his fingers grasped a pipe from the stack he’d toppled. It came flying out of the darkness with as much force as Fizz could put behind it. Metal met flesh and Fizz laughed like a madman as several teeth fell around him. 

“Hope they came from both of your shitty mouths!” 

He reared back for another swing but Ahroth’s hands were swarming him. They crawled and clawed up his arm, pulling it down and twisting the pipe from his grip. He felt himself being flipped around, and Ahroth pulled him back against his chest, encasing him in pale arms. He lowered his head as he pulled Fizz up so he could press his bleeding mouths right against his cheek. 

“Haven’t we gone just feral? That’s okay. I’ll enjoy training you all over again.” 

Fizz laughed once more, a manic sound filled with panic and terror. He thrashed against the arms surrounding him, bit down on the ones he could reach. His sharp teeth left bloody holes in soft flesh, ripping and tearing at it like a wet paper bag. Ahroth wasn’t bothered in the least. His arms were expendable. There were always more arms. 

“Fizzarolli. Don’t fight,” Ahroth commanded, voice calm at first. But frustration oozed from him as Fizz continued gnashing his teeth at whatever he could. “That’s enough! Stop!” 

Fizz seized up immediately, out of habit at first, but then he let himself go limp in Ahroth’s arms. The bastard didn’t know the safe word had been changed. Ahroth grinned as he ran a hand over Fizz’s hanging head. 

“There we go. Time for a little nap.” 

Fizz waited patiently. It took everything in him not to twist away from his touch as Ahroth tilted his head up, staring down into his deadened eyes. Whatever he searched for there, he seemed satisfied. His excess limbs began to recede until only two held him up under the arms. 

“Look at how filthy you’ve gotten,” Ahroth tutted. “Spending your time in these back allies. Wasting yourself on these lower life forms.”

A stray hand threw a stack of money to the edge of the light and little imp hands reached out to snatch it away, quick footsteps disappearing into the darkness. 

“You’re above this, Fizzarolli. But remember,” he grimaced as he hissed, showing off the missing teeth. “You are not above me .”

Fizz felt himself drop but didn’t try to brace himself, hitting the ground like a ragdoll. Ahroth straddled him, a hand smacking him across the face as others untangled his limbs. He had to exert every bit of self control he had to not scream out as Ahroth put his weight on the collapsed part of his chest. Another couple of hands slapped him in rapid succession before holding his head up. 

“You’re lucky I don’t take some of your teeth.” He squished his cheeks aggressively. “But I’d hate to ruin such a cute face.”

He released his cheeks, but kept his head propped up, a sickening grin spreading over his face as he licked the lips of his other mouth.

“Instead, I think you deserve a little treat.” Ahroth ran a thumb over his chin. “Open.” 

[[[Fizz opened his mouth wide, feigning obedience as the lights flickered back on in his eyes. If this failed, he wouldn’t make it out of this warehouse alive. But he had to take this opportunity to hit him where it hurt most. He took his disgusting cock for the millionth time and waited for him to fall into a false sense of security. 

He ignored whatever nasty words were dripping from those hideous mouths as he thrust into his throat. He didn’t need help making choking noises, but he played them up even more, knowing how Ahroth got off to that shit. He didn’t want this to take any longer than necessary. As one of Ahroth’s mouths bit its lip, the other spewing moans, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes.]]] 

And that’s when Fizz bit down as hard as he could, teeth grinding flesh as Ahroth screamed in agony. Whatever his nasty dick was made of, Fizz couldn’t bite it off entirely. Shame. He released it as the towering demon fell back, hands reaching for his injury. Fizz slipped from beneath him and jumped to his feet, stretching every body part he still could to reach for the rafters. He didn’t stop to look back or find out if Ahroth had managed to pursue him. He just ran, keeping to the roofs and fire escapes as long as he could. 

By the time he reached Cog’s building all the pain and injuries had caught up to him. He managed to drag himself down her street, but halfway up the stairs to her apartment, he collapsed. He lay there, laughing to himself deliriously until she found him. He looked up when he heard something hit the stairs and scatter. Cog had dropped her groceries, her hands covering her mouth. She seemed frozen, hyperventilating. Fizz had to snap her out of it.

“Don’t...don’t tell Concord.” 

“What the fuck happened to you?!” she screamed, hurrying to his side. 

“Never heard you say fuck before,” Fizz laughed. “Guess I’m dying.”

“Shut up! Don’t say that. Can you walk? We gotta get you inside. There’s more stairs. Damn this building! Fix your fucking elevators! It’s been five years!”  

Fizz laughed weakly at that, but started pulling himself to his feet. He leaned on Cog as she practically dragged him up the stairs. She still seemed to be panicking, breathing elevated, eye movements frantic. Fizz felt weirdly flattered at the reaction. Cog cared about him. That felt nice and gave him something to focus on other than the excruciating pain in his chest. 

“So, can you take a payment plan on this or...?” Fizz joked, trying to lighten things a bit. 

She just told him to shut up again as she dragged him inside. She laid him down in the living room. Fizz guessed she couldn’t make it all the way to the workstation. She’d just bring the tools to him, he was sure, but first she fumbled her phone out of her pocket.

“What are you doing?” Fizz asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Gotta tell Concord.” 

“No, don’t make him worry!”

Fizz reached for her phone but Cog put a hand out, finger up. Her eyes were commanding as she leaned away from him to put the phone out of reach. Fizz fell silent and let his arm fall to the floor again. 

“Concord, get over here! It’s Fizz! No time to explain! Have to start working! Just get over here now!” 

She hung up before Concord had finished talking and Fizz winced. No, that would just make him worry more. He hoped he didn’t hurt himself getting over here this late at night. He tried not to think of his sweet Concord getting mugged or murdered as Cog ran to get her tools.