The Conversation

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Robo Fizz/Concord (OC)
Word Count: 1,204
Warnings: This story is generally sexual in nature. It also explores trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and rape. This chapter touches on the trauma and sexual aspects. There is no explicit sex scene.

Concord chose not to bother Fizz for the rest of the day and let him come out when he was ready. He didn't, which concerned him. He spent most of the day caught between wanting to check on him and give him space. He still hadn’t emerged by the time Concord went to bed. It was probably best that he slept alone anyways. 

After a restless night of fitful sleep, he woke to find a piece of paper on his bedside table. Fizz must have snuck in sometime when he’d actually been asleep. He sat up and rubbed sleep out of his eye as he smoothed it out. It was the estimate for repairs. But Fizz had added little notes in the margins. Most of the notes were on a scale of 1 to 5 to indicate how much he cared about any given feature. Next to the tentacle repairs he’d just written “too expensive.”

Concord dragged himself out of bed and shrugged on his robe before knocking on the closet. 

“Fizz. Can I come in?” 

The door cracked open. Seeing him bundled up in the corner, eyes glowing from behind the coats, made Concord’s heart ache. How long had his previous owner kept him locked away like this? How often did he get to come out? He shoved the coats aside as he slipped in, sitting next to him. 

“Thank you for letting me know what you care about.” He held the paper up before letting it rest on the ground. “It’s very important to me.” 

Fizz shrugged a bit and refused to look at him. 

“I think it’s important we talk about boundaries. I wanted to start with that from the beginning but you were very distracting.” 

Fizz smirked and unbundled himself, leaning in towards Concord’s face. 

“Would you like to be distracted again?” 

“Not until we have this conversation.” 

Fizz huffed and returned to his sulking, chin in his hand. 

“You talk too much.” 

“I’m a therapist. We’re perhaps prone to over communicating. But I’d say my problem in this particular instance has been not communicating enough. If you’ll allow, I would like to apologize for some of my behavior. You don’t have to say anything yourself.” 

“Knock yourself out.” 

Concord steeled himself. He’d worked on this all day yesterday and half the night between sleep and waking from nightmares.

“I may have been deluding myself about why I bought you. I thought I only wanted to help you. And I do want to help. But there was a part of me that also wanted to feel needed, maybe even wanted. So, perhaps the decision wasn’t entirely altruistic. And I tried to pretend I had no bias. That I thought of you as your own person separate from what you were built to do. But I still let that affect how I thought of you. And worst of all, I decided you needed my professional help without once consulting you to find out if you even wanted it. For all of that, I am very sorry.” 

Fizz lifted his chin from his hand as Concord finished and a slow chuckle bubbled into a full laugh. 

“You’re really apologizing to me?” 

“Why do you find that funny?”

Fizz moved to straddle him, bending over to touch his forehead to Concord’s as he leaned in. 

“You’re a real softie. How do you survive?”

“Softness is its own kind of strength,” he replied, fingers grazing Fizz’s cheek. He got lost in his eyes for a moment before looking away. “About the boundaries.” 

Fizz grabbed Concord’s hand before he could take it away and pressed his face into the palm, rubbing his cheek along it like a cat. 

“What about them?”

Concord could feel himself getting distracted again, an almost physical pull drawing him in. How did Fizz do this to him?

“They’re very important for both of us to establish.”

“I don’t have boundaries. I’m all yours, baby.” 

Concord blushed as Fizz moved to spread kisses along his shoulder, pushing his robe open, nimble fingers dancing over his chest. 

“Not...not just physical boundaries. I’d like to avoid upsetting you again.” 

Fizz stopped abruptly but kept his face hidden in Concord’s shoulder. 

“Why aren’t you mad at me?” 

“I simply recognize that I crossed a line, and I understand why you reacted the way you did. So, I choose not to be emotional about it but rather try to map out where those lines are.”

“When did crying in your sleep become unemotional?” 

Concord touched his stomach without thinking about it.  

“That wasn’t...about you. I have my own traumas. But that’s getting off track. Do you want me to leave your past alone? I’m more than willing to listen if you wish to talk about it. But if you’d rather I didn’t ask-”

“You already know I’ve been abused. It’s written all over my busted up body. What more do you need to know?” 

He was getting upset again, rising to his knees as if he wanted to leave. Concord ran a soothing hand over his side and let it rest on his hip. He made his voice gentle and reassuring.

“No more than you wish to tell me. I’ve no intention of pushing you.”

Fizz settled back into his lap, one hand resting on his shoulder. The other ran down his chest, pushing his robe open entirely so his fingers could trace the scars on his stomach.

“What about yours?”

“You can ask me about my trauma whenever you want. I’m comfortable talking about it.”

Concord could see the gears turning in Fizz’s mind as he searched his eyes. But he seemed to decide against it.

“What else?”

“I guess, what I want to know more than anything is, do you enjoy your function?” 

A big grin spread across Fizz’s face. 

“Depends on who I’m performing it for.” 

Concord became suddenly very shy. 

“I-I guess my follow up to that would Do you enjoy…performing your function with-with me?”

Fizz leaned in again, staring him right in the eyes. 

“More than anyone.” 

“Don’t say that just because you think you have to.” 

Fizz shook his head. 

“Oh, I mean it. I like playing with you. You just give yourself to me and let me do what I do best. So compliant. So obedient.” 

Concord’s breathing escalated as Fizz went on. Those eyes pierced his mind and made it go fuzzy again. He couldn’t take it anymore. He wrapped his arms around Fizz’s neck and gave him a desperate kiss. Fizz looked smug as he pulled away.

“That really turned you on, huh? Do you like being my little toy?”

Concord found himself nodding, almost hypnotized by Fizz’s stare. 

“Yeah. Yeah, I like that.” 

“You wanna do a little role reversal? That’s a therapy tool, right? How about I own you for a little while?” 

Fizz chuckled as Concord nodded eagerly.

“Yeah, that’s good…for seeing...both perspectives...and…”

Fizz put a finger to Concord’s lips and one to his own. 

“Sssh. No more talking. I think we can put that mouth to better use.” 

Concord’s heart beat in fear and anticipation as Fizz stretched his arm out and closed the closet door, enveloping them in the darkness.