Daddy Issues

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Loona/Sallie May
Word Count: 1,014

When Loona returned home, she had to stop in the doorway and take a long look around. The apartment was practically destroyed. Oh, good. So, he knew already. He must be waiting for her at that club Millie thought they were at. She stepped around all the clutter on the floor and could practically hear Blitz’s panicked voice screaming “My baby!” as he searched for her. She rolled her eyes and went to her room before texting him. 

Hey, I’m home. Where are you?

She smirked as he immediately began typing back, silenced her phone, and flopped down on her bed. He’d make himself known when he got home. But Loona planned to keep the door between them. Blitz could huff and puff all he wanted, but the door was like a sacred barrier or some shit. He never crossed that line. When she was in there, anyways. Fuck if she put it past him to snoop around when she wasn’t. 

He did in fact, make himself known when he returned, pounding on the door and shouting. She pushed earbuds into her ears after a while and drowned him out, falling asleep with music blasting in her ears. She had to come out eventually, but by the time morning had come, he’d worn himself out. He sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, looking exhausted when she wandered in to find breakfast. 

He waited until she sat down with her toast to get started. 

“You listen to me, young lady!” 

Loona let out an exaggerated groan, head hanging back dramatically, but he just shouted over it. 

“That honky tonk bitch can’t just come up here killin’ whoever she damn well pleases! The city is a delicate fuckin’ ecosystem! For every one fucker you take out, there’s ten, twenty more assholes you’ve pissed off! And she had the fuckin balls to drag you into that?!” 

“I guess you’d know about pissing off a bunch of assholes,” Loona shot back, a little offended that he went for Sallie May on such a personal level. “Huh, Blitzo?” 

Blitz’s face turned livid and he slammed his hands on the table, leaning over it towards her. 

“I don’t want you going out with her again! I...I forbid it!” 

“Oh, you forbid it? You can’t stop me!” Loona slammed a hand down on the table as well. “I’m an adult! And you’re not my dad! I’ll see whoever I want!” 

“Not while you’re living under my roof!”

“Oh, the roof you rent? Yeah that’s a lot of authority to swing around, asshole. Why don’t you just get off my fuckin back and find someone else to project your intimacy issues onto for once!” 

She kicked her chair across the kitchen as she stood and stormed off, leaving Blitz speechless. She didn’t have to stay here and take this shit! As she marched down the hall, she pulled up Sallie May in her contacts. 

Sallie May met her in a local park. She sat on a picnic table next to her while Loona took the bench, lounging back against it. Sallie May put her chin on a hand, elbow on her knee and just watched her as she stared up at the sky. She didn’t seem to be in a rush to make her talk, but eventually she nudged her shoulder with her leg. 

“If we’re just here to enjoy the view, I gotta say, I’m likin’ what I’m seein’.” 

She winked and Loona’s disgruntled expression melted into a shy smile. God dammit, how’d she do that? Loona sat upright and crossed her arms.

“I just had to get out of that apartment.” 

“Yer Pa not too happy ‘bout our date, huh?” 

“He’s not my…” She noticed Sallie May’s trollish expression and shoved her leg away. “He’s an asshole. He doesn’t let me go anywhere or do anything. It’s like...he tries to pretend we have this family bond. But he doesn’t even trust me! All he does is keep me locked up in my room or the fuckin’ office. Then he gets to act like his feelings are hurt when I’m mad about it!” 

Sallie May hopped down to sit next to Loona, leaning against her side, an arm slipping around her. Loona felt herself relax a little at the touch and as the tension seeped out of her, a softness came over her face.

“How’m I supposed to trust him if he doesn’t trust me? It’s a two way street. You can’t just force it, you know?” 

“I feel ya, girl. Hard to wanna let people in when they won’t stop beatin’ at the door.” 

Loona looked down at her in surprise. No one had put her feelings into words like that before, but Sallie May hit it right on the nose in one shot. 

“That’s why I always play it smooth.” 

Sallie May ran her fingers up Loona’s arm with a grin. Loona smiled against her will. 

“Dammit, how do you do that?” 

“I don’t know what ya mean,” she replied innocently. 

“I’m still pissed off. Stop making me smile.” 

“Don’t think I can do that. Might as well ask me to turn down the sun. Ain’t no shuttin this charisma down. It’s a curse.” 

She ended with an exaggerated sigh and Loona gave her a push, but not hard enough that she had to take her arm away. She liked it where it was. 

“Smug bitch.” 

Loona’s tone came out playful and Sallie May pulled herself close again, giving her a sultry look. She found herself leaning down towards the arrogant imp, that stare magnetic. As soon as she came within reach, Sallie May’s hand slipped around her neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss 

Loona felt like an implosion had gone off. She let her issues with Blitz fade away as Sallie May’s fingers curled in the fur of her neck, her other hand running down her back. Why not let Sallie May make her feel better? And if she could piss off Blitz at the same time, all the better.