Drunk Carry

Fandom: Hazbin Hotel
Ship: Husk/Angel Dust
Word Count: 584

Husk rolled his eyes as Angel’s head lolled onto his shoulder, drool dripping into his fur. Damn kid had went and got himself so drunk he couldn’t make it home. And who did he call to pick him up again? What was he, a taxi service? Next time he should just leave him in the gutter where he liked it. 

Angel came to and blinked before squinting up at him.


“Yeah, it’s me again. Like the other three times you noticed.” 

Angel smiled but his eyes filled with tears. Oh, here we go again. 

“Oh, Husky, yer always there for me.” 

Husk shifted the bundle of limbs and Angel threw a few around his neck. His fingers slid through the fur on his face as he cupped his cheek. 

“Don’t know if it’s the giggle juice or if I’m just dizzy with ya.” He slapped his cheek lightly. “Ya Cassanova.”  

Husk gave him a tired look as he ran his fingers through the fur on his cheek, fluffing it back out.

“You drink yourself back to the 40s, kid?” 

“I dunno. Lemme check.” 

A devious look took over his face.

“See, we take the evidence and dump it on some poor schnook, maybe a sauced up anchor cranker, let em take the heat while we cheese it and hole up somewhere in the sticks until the black and whites clear out.” 

He paused then started laughing. 

“I still got it baby!” 

Despite himself, Husk couldn’t help but laugh along with him. 

“Thanks for that high speed chase down memory lane.”

Angel’s laughter died down and when Husk looked down at him he had such a look of admiration on his face.

“Yer so goddamn cute when you smile. I love it. You should smile all the time.”

“Tall order for Hell.” 

“I bet...I bet I could make ya smile fereva.” He gripped Husks’s shoulders, fingers curling in the fur as he pulled himself up towards his face. “Gimme one night, baby. You’ll think ya went to heaven.”

“You’re drunk, kid.” 

“Don’t mean it ain’t true. C’mon, Husky. Let’s stop playin’ this game. I like a good cat and mouse…” he snickered “good game of cat and mouse, but it’s gettin borin’ now. Just let me make ya smile. Let me love ya up so good you won’t be able to look at anotha lova without thinkin of me. Let me...let me…love ya.”

Husk had to stop as his voice sank. He seemed on the verge of crying,

“I know this old heart ain’t much, it’s all beat up and used, but I keep tryin’ to give it to ya. Just keep puttin the damn thing out there for ya. And it’s... it’s sittin there. You just let it sit there. I’d rather you knock it around, then at least it’d feel somethin’. I can’t….I can’t take it. I can’t…” 

Husk leaned down and Angel looked up into his eyes. His fingers slid through the fur on his neck as he leaned up to meet him halfway. And Husk kissed him, hard and passionate, tongues meeting, cheeks red, tears glistening on Angel’s cheeks. 

They both had to catch their breath when they finally parted.

“That enough for that old heart of yours?” Husk whispered. 

Angel smiled but soon dissolved into tears again.

“What now?!”

“I ain’t gonna remember this! I’m gonna forget our first kiss!”

Husk sighed. 

“I hate to break it to you, but that wasn’t the first one.”