I Know You Know

Fandom: Red vs Blue
Characters: Florida and Alabama
Word Count: 529
Warnings: None

Florida's steps were as silent as they ever were on the job as he crept into the locker room. He had heard the sound of metal shifting. It would be too late at night for any normal agent to skulk about there, so he thought it best to check in on the situation. He thought it might be Carolina, finishing up a late set, but when he poked his head around the row of lockers, he didn't see the back of the lead agent's red head. Instead, a set of sharp green eyes turned to rest on him.

"Oh, Bama. It's only you."

Florida was relieved to find one of his close teammates and relaxed. But Alabama didn't. She slowly put her camouflaged helmet back into her locker and shut it, never taking her eyes off of him.

"Florida. You're up late."

"I'll be leaving on a mission soon."

"Solo again?"

"Yep!" Florida replied happily.

Alabama's eyes narrowed.

"Get a lot of those lately."

"I'm pleased to do whatever's needed of me."

Florida had grown at ease. He had worked with Alabama a long time. He felt comfortable around her. And she happened to be one of the few remaining agents from his original squad. But Alabama's demeanor hadn't grown comfortable. As a matter of fact, she had tensed up more the longer he stood there. She shot to her feet abruptly, so much so that it put Florida on edge. But she stomped past him. He thought she would disappear into the dark as she tended to. But she turned back again suddenly.

"You know what they're up to, don't you?" she demanded, chest nearly bumping his, she stood so close. "You know. You get closer and closer and you know."

"Alabama, I don't know anything. I promise."

Florida's voice was calm and comforting. He'd heard Alabama had required a lot of psych sessions since they'd lost California. She had grown unstable. The higher ups were concerned. And so was he. She grew more hostile with him everyday - and they had been such good friends once. Florida's features grew heavy at the thought.

"You know." She poked him in the shoulder hard. "I know you know. And I know what you came in here for."

Alabama pushed past him, knocking him off kilter as she returned to her locker. She jerked the door open so hard it hung from its hinges. Her helmet was in her hands, though not for long. Florida found it being thrust into his chest.

"Take it! You do what they told you! But I know. I know."

For a moment they both stood holding the helmet. Their fingertips almost touched at the top. But then Alabama gave him a push. He stumbled. He could have held his ground, but he didn't want her to think he meant any harm.

And then she was gone, leaving him alone in the dark with her helmet. He turned it in his hands slowly and stared down into the cracked visor. The helmet had always been the familiar face of his friend, though she had long since replaced it with accusing glares and a lonely distance.