Intelligence and Purity

Fandom: 9
Characters: Scientist, 3, and 4
Word Count: 974
Warnings: None

2 has proven himself too emotional for this harsh new world, too trusting, too willing to love and tolerate. His unending forgiveness of 1's bitter and defensive nature is disheartening. He cannot lead my former failure and, so, has become one himself. I believe I was on the right track, but I have tried too hard, put too much of myself into him. I must attempt to restrain such personal memories and feelings from flowing so freely during this next test. I do not expect it will be a success, but I hope to cut the chances of failure in half by using two identical dolls at once. Any personal feelings will be divided among them and lessened to a reasonable level. I take the two in hand and smile. They are beginning to look like children to me, and it is a comfort in such dark times to look upon their faces. This is why I let 1 and 2 roam the building so freely for the time being. I try not to be seen observing them for fear I will frighten them with my size, but I believe 1 feels my presence none-the-less. The thought of these two failures causes the smile to melt from my tired face. I must not think of things that cause such light emotions. I clear my mind as I move to stand before my Fabrication Machine once more. This time, I attempt to bring to my mind memories with very little feelings. I recall school – college. Yes, college; the years in which one had so little time to feel for what they read or learned. Hours upon hours of mindless reading and memorizing immediately fill my mind. Facts pass before my eyes, almost tangible, as they return to me in the form of small, black and white text. I place 4 into the hand that holds 3 and let them lie limply together as I reach for the button. I do not allow myself the privilege of hope or anxiety as to the outcome of this experiment. I keep my mind locked away with the many science books and math equations I'd trudged through to get to the position that allowed me to – nearly single-handedly – destroy the world. Facts, facts, facts. This time, I will take the serious student within me and create a pair of serious saviors.

3 heard a whizzing sound come from behind him, and he ripped his eyes from the book he was imprinting into his mechanized mind long enough to see who it was. Of course, it had to be either 7 or 4. No one else even knew they were alive, and 7 rarely visited aside from patrolling their new sanctuary. She was too afraid of leading the Beast back to them. So, 3 was nowhere near surprised to see 4 zip into view on a swiftly rising rope and drop next to him. She stumbled slightly before sitting next to her slightly older twin, he having been made before her. She gave him a worried look, and their eyes lit up, flickering as they communicated through the jumbled imprints of text and pictures they had collected during their stay in this library. They had completely agreed from day one that this was the very best haven for which one could ever hope. They needed very little else with so much knowledge surrounding them, the rare longing for outside companions aside. It was nearly heaven to two such fact-mongers.

But 4 had a serious message for her brother today, rather than her usual urgent need to share her knowledge with him when something new was found. 7 would be arriving again within the next week. She had started sending them messages in Morse code with the reflection of her blade after the twins had discovered it in a book. It made it easier for her to convey commands or information to them without the risk of leading the Beast back to their sanctuary. She had further blinked that they were not to venture outside until then. This may have meant the Beast was growing close to the parameter of their wonderful home. This frightened the twins, but when there was no one for them to hide behind, it was 4 who took her brother's arm in fear, and it was 3 who had to act brave for her. He placed a hand over her metallic fingers softly and smiled at her worried face. Things would be fine, he conveyed to her through a series of pictures. A loving mother, a pair of lovers, a family picnic: unity. When he attempted comfort, it was always a series of pictures concerning the unity of families and lovers. It was his way of saying that no matter what happened everything was fine when they were together. 4 received the pictures and her eyes stopped flickering for a moment as she looked away. 3 took her chin in his free hand and pulled her forehead down to touch his. His eyes flickered and hers responded as she accepted his message. s. The varying sizes of the letters let 4 know he had not simply taken this quote from a book he had once read. He had constructed it himself from the numerous letters gathered over time. It came from his heart. She looked away from his eyes once more, but smiled as he released her. She returned to her studies with a clearer mind, her eyes only occasionally wandering over to her brother's hunched form, like a schoolgirl in love. She knew he would always keep her safe, even if he showed his fear when there was someone else to hide behind. If it came down to the two of them, she could count on him for protection as he could count on her.