Morning Routine

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Characters: Loona and Blitz
Word Count: 414
Warnings: None

Loona cursed as she redid her eyeliner for the third time. Why couldn’t she get it right? She did this everyday.

“What’s wrong, Loony?” Blitz asked, sliding in, making that stupid face at her.

“I can’t get my damn eyes right.”

She growled and tossed her eyeliner down in frustration. It slipped along the curve of the sink and bounced off her midriff before hitting Blitz in the eye.

“Fuck! The irony!”

Loona couldn’t help but laugh. Until she realized this meant Blitz had the eyeliner. He looked up at her with a grin as he clutched it, eyes pleading.

“Need some help?”

Loona’s lip curled and she rolled her eyes, but she fuckin did.

“Fine. You can do it.”

She made a sound of disgust as Blitz’s face lit up. Why did he have to make such a big deal about every damn thing? She plopped down on the side of the tub so he could reach her face. Blitz’s goofy grin turned into a content smile as he started.

The close proximity made Loona uncomfortable. She sat as still as possible. Or she thought she was until she realized her foot had started tapping. To the sound of Blitz humming as he worked. Fuckin embarrassing. But she didn’t stop.

“What’s that?”


“The song?”

“Oh, something from my circus days.”

He stood back proudly, hands on his hips.

“There you go, sweetie!”

Loona checked his work in the mirror and found it to be exactly how she usually did it. It wasn’t the first time he’d helped her with her makeup, but he’d done it just as good the handful of other times.

“How’d you get so good at makeup, anyway?”

“Circus clowns don’t get fancy schmancy makeup artists. We do that shit ourselves!”

He poked a finger into his hand to emphasize that last bit. Loona realized she’d never asked him much about his days in the circus despite the office being plastered in posters and memorabilia. But Blitz hadn’t offered to tell her about it either. And there was that thing with his name.

“Thanks, Blitz.”

Blitz looked a little surprised before his eyes shone with delight. Oh no. He latched onto her, rubbing his face against her side.

“Anything for my precious Loony.”

Loona put a hand on his head and shoved him into the floor with a growl before stepping over him and slamming the door behind her.

“Be ready for work in ten!” Blitz called after her.