The Recovery Process

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Robo Fizz/Concord (OC)
Word Count: 2,366
Warnings: This story is generally sexual in nature. It also explores trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and rape. This chapter contains explicit sex.

Fizz knew things weren’t going to go back to normal immediately. His confession of love perked Concord up for a little while, but he eventually settled back into his depression. Some things were better. He didn’t have to fight Concord to eat as often and even if he didn’t always understand, Concord communicated more frequently about his internal struggles. Fizz asked him to give status reports at least once a week. 

Concord told him this helped him be more structured and active in his therapy work. He seemed impressed that he’d thought to suggest it, but Fizz just wanted to know what went on in that cluttered head of his. And it wasn’t that different from routine maintenance programs. As long as the report didn’t reveal something he could help with, he simply let Concord use him as a sounding board. 

According to Concord, he still had a lot of work to do with the “restructuring of his identity” as he called it, and there were times his mood tanked for days at a time, but slowly things were looking up. He became more active in the day and slept through the night. He even cried less. And their sex life had returned to some semblance of normalcy which made Fizz very happy. 

It did become harder to leave for work, however, as Concord became more proactive in seeking affection. As if he wanted to remind Fizz of who really loved him before he left for the night. Fizz didn’t need to be reminded, but he’d certainly take the memos. 

As he tried to get up from the bed, Concord latched onto his arm again, pulling him back down. He gave him his best pout. 

“Don’t go.” 

“I have to work.” 

It was a token protest at best. Fizz ran a hand up Concord’s leg as he threw it over him. He made himself comfortable in Fizz’s lap, a magnetic pull between them as their eyes met. Concord took his face in his hands, fingers gentle as he leaned in for a deep, forceful kiss. Their eyes shone a bit in the dim lighting, locked onto one another the whole time. His little thumbs brushed over the circles on his cheeks as he pulled away.

“That’s a very convincing argument,” Fizz purred as he released him. “Would you like to see my re butt al?”

He stuck his tongue out with a wink and Concord snickered, lowering his head to his chest as his hands rested on his shoulders. Fizz loved to hear him laugh more than ever. He tilted his chin back up and kissed him in return for the precious sound. Concord’s hands slipped up to Fizz’s neck as he pulled himself into it.  

He cradled Concord in an arm as he leaned forward and laid the needy little imp out beneath him. Concord turned his head to the side slightly as Fizz broke the kiss and gave him a coy look. Fizz kissed his neck, slow and soft, as he made his way down to his shoulder, skin so tender from all the abuse it took. He fit his teeth into indents still lingering from earlier in the day just to feel the satisfaction of a perfect fit. He released it and pulled back with a smile.  

“What kind of goodnight does my sweet little Concord want?” 

Concord bit his lip, thinking. The hands on his neck pulled Fizz down so their lips were close enough to just touch.

“Surprise me,” he breathed. 

Fizz seized Concord’s lips, tongues colliding as he helped him shimmy out of his pajama bottoms. He broke the kiss with a chuckle as he found Concord already at half mast. 

“Someone’s excited.” 

“You have that effect on a man.”

A smug grin spread across Fizz’s face at the sincerity lurking beneath his joking tone. Cool metal fingers caressed warm skin as he let his hand roam, watching Concord’s eyelids droop slightly at the touch. Fizz touched his lips to a white splotch beneath his eye as his fingers reached the end of their familiar path. Concord gasped softly as his fingers curled around his cock, working him up into full erection. 

Fizz watched the pleasure rippling through Concord’s face, his own desire increasing with every heated breath his little imp exhaled. He captured those needy bursts of air in another deep kiss. Concord’s muffled moans echoed through him, filling him with a satisfaction like nothing else. Concord’s hips rolled, wanting more. Fizz took his hand away instead, Concord’s whimper of protest as pleasurable as his moans.

Fizz sat back on his knees and dropped his pants. He smirked as Concord bit his lip, drinking in the anticipation in those yellow eyes. Concord got to his knees himself and rested his hands on Fizz’s hips. As he leaned forward, lips already parting, Fizz cupped his cheek, stopping him in his tracks as he turned his head up. 

“You want that?”    

Concord nodded as Fizz’s thumb brushed his cheek, a whine in his voice as he replied. 

“I need it.” 

Fizz chuckled as Concord tried to lean forward again, tongue out. But he ran his hand over the curve of his horn, using it to hold him back. He wanted to see more of that desire, that desperation. 

“Fizz, please,” he whined.

“Mmm, my poor little Concord, so cock-starved.” 

Concord squirmed. His hand slipped from Fizz’s hip, clawed fingers tracing up his shaft lightly. It sent a shiver down Fizz’s spine, fingers losing their grip on Concord’s horn as he finally got to lean forward. 

Concord moved quickly, dragging his tongue up Fizz’s shaft to flick around the head eagerly before closing his lips around it. Fizz moaned as he took him all at once, mouth warm and welcoming as his cock slid down his throat. His fingers combed through his hair now as he bobbed his head. 

“So hungry,” he murmured, watching as Concord turned his eyes up to him. 

Fizz groaned as he started flicking that devilish tongue around the head of his cock each time he pulled back. But more pleasurable than any physical sensation was the look in Concord’s eyes, his satisfaction and desire for Fizz so clear on that honest face. 

Thinking about that brought him closer and he let out a low sound, Concord’s name slipping into it halfway. Concord hummed in response, gripping his hips as he finished him off. He licked his lips as he sat back, smiling up at him. Fizz pet his hair. 

“That’s a good boy.” 

He smirked at the visible shiver that sent through Concord, that adorable face lighting up as his tail twitched from side to side. Fizz’s arm coiled around him entirely and lifted him without warning. He brought Concord to his chest, letting his hooves rest on his thighs before loosening the arm to hold him more gently.

Concord worked his arms free from the looser coils and Fizz found his face being pulled forward for a passionate kiss. Their tongues practically wrapped around one another as Fizz lowered him onto his cock. Concord’s muffled groan vibrated across his tongue pleasantly. He intended to pull back from the kiss to give Concord a moment to breathe, but his greedy little imp hands just pulled him right back. 

Fizz smirked around the kiss and kept it going. Concord’s hooves dug into his thighs as he lifted and thrust down again, building up to a fast and hard pace. Fizz released his lips for Concord’s own good. He didn’t seem to want to let go of the kiss but with all the panting and moaning, he had to. Fizz moved his kisses to the neck and shoulders.

Concord’s arms wrapped around his head as he buried his face in the crook of his neck. He held it close, fingers gripping the metal antenna in his jester tail with one hand, the other tangling in the fabric. 

Fizz grinned into the comfort of that embrace as Concord bounced, holding his orgasm so they could come together. The moment Concord called his name, Fizz bit down on his neck and let himself come. Concord went stiff in his arms for a moment and Fizz held him there until he relaxed.

Fizz lifted him off slowly, forcing Concord to release his head which he seemed to do reluctantly. He laughed as he let himself fall backwards onto the pillows again, holding Concord close. Concord let his head lull back against his shoulder with a satisfied moan.

“So good.” 

Fizz watched his content face carefully as he stretched his arms before tucking them in so he could burrow into Fizz’s arms like a sleepy little mouse. Adorable bastard. His purrs filled the air as silence fell over them. He enjoyed holding him like this, feeling his little body so close and warm against his chest.

Concord pressed soft, lazy kisses against his chest and Fizz hummed happily. Maybe he could skip a night of work. They were doing okay right now. Worst case scenario, they’d have to dip into the repair funds he’d started saving up. He let his fingers ghost over Concord’s arm as he snuggled in closer. 

“I love you more than anything in the whole world.” 

“I love you, too, my sweet little imp.” 

It had gotten so easy to respond this way although there remained a twinge of guilt. But the smile it put on Concord’s face made the stress worth it. They laid there together in silence for a while longer until Concord spoke up again.

“Fizz, can I ask you something?” 

Fizz heard the insecurity in Concord’s voice and had to resist the urge to cringe. He wanted to enjoy the afterglow more, but he’d rather Concord communicate with him than not. There was no such thing as talking too much anymore.

“You can ask me anything, my love.”

That seemed to quell some of the insecurity. Calling Concord “my love” had become a kind of cheat code for Fizz. Such simple words had such an impact on the imp. Especially when he had deep depression spells or anxiety.

“Maybe this is a weird thing to ask. But...sometimes I wonder how someone like me is ever satisfying to you. You’re so….good at everything. And I’m...well, you’re very out of my league.”

“Do you want the truth?” 

“Yes. I do.” 

Fizz squeezed him softly, hoping this wouldn’t backfire on him. Concord might not like what he heard, but if he wanted honesty, he’d get it. Fizz couldn’t afford to heap more guilt on himself. And somehow this seemed like something that Concord could get over easier if he reacted poorly to it. 

“I’m built to bring pleasure to any user. I can adjust myself in a variety of ways to make sure I can fulfill that function. The user isn’t the only one who benefits from that. It means that any lover can be satisfying to me. In making myself as pleasurable to you as possible, I’m also making you just as pleasurable to me.” 

In fact, it took considerable effort and ill intent to keep Fizz from enjoying sex, but that wasn’t something he wanted to bring up right now. It would definitely send Concord into a crying fit. He’d already braced for a bad reaction to the news that essentially Concord’s physical contributions to the relationship weren’t that important. But Concord didn’t seem phased by the news. He ran his fingers over Fizz’s stomach instead, looking thoughtful.

“Like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together perfectly.”

“I guess you could look at it like that. I just think of it as being a universal plug.”

Concord let out a little bark of a laugh and hid his face in Fizz’s chest. Fizz wasn’t even trying to be funny that time, but the spontaneous expression of amusement still sent a wave of joy through his system.

“I love you,” Concord sighed.

Concord turned those smiling eyes up to him and Fizz’s features became soft. Somehow it felt like Concord only got cuter as time went on, Fizz’s eyes picking up the smallest details in the imp’s face and body language. Such little things that felt so big somehow. He pressed his forehead to Concord’s. 

“I think I’ll stay home tonight.” 

Concord made a little sound of contentment as Fizz turned them on their sides. He pushed himself as close to his chest as he could and got comfortable again. 

“Good. You deserve a night off. You work so hard.”

“For you, my love.” 

Concord looked a little guilty, trying to hide it in the snuggling.

“Thank you for taking care of me.” 

“I’m more than happy to.” 

He could almost hear the words echoing back to him from the day Concord paid for him. 

“I could go back to work soon, I think,” he suggested, the guilt clear in his voice. 

Fizz shook his head, his fingers gentle as he stroked his arm. 

“Not yet. Take your time, baby.” 

“Okay,” Concord sighed. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. Get some sleep.” 

He kissed the top of Concord’s head and smiled down at him to make sure he knew everything was fine. Concord smiled back a little, pulling himself all the closer as the purring resumed.


Fizz’s fingers ran up and down his spine gently. He found himself wondering about love again. It seemed so effortless for Concord. He said it so often. It was as if he just knew. He didn’t have to worry about how much of what he felt could be dictated by programming. It must have been nice to know your feelings were your own with such certainty.

Soon, maybe Concord would be well enough that he could talk about it with him. When he returned to normal, he’d be able to handle it, right? 

Fizz didn’t sleep. He stayed awake most of the night, listening to Concord breathe, holding him closer if he made the distressed little noises Fizz came to associate with his nightmares. He took this rare quiet time to think about everything, trying to picture how he wanted life to be as they moved forward together.