The Room

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Robo Fizz/Concord (OC)
Word Count: 2,093
Warnings: This story is generally sexual in nature. It also explores trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and rape. This chapter contains mild sexual content, but no actual sex occurs.

Concord looked at the clock as he made some last minute arrangements to what had been his home office. He’d shoved the desk against the far wall to make room for a nice sized bed and the filing cabinet had already been taken to his office at work. There was nothing in there he really needed badly enough that he couldn’t make the trip to retrieve it. 

He’d wanted to paint the walls a brighter color, more fitting to Fizz, but there wasn’t enough time. Besides, he could let him pick a color and they could do that later. If Fizz could focus on that kind of task without trying to distract him. He looked up from mindlessly rearranging pillows on the bed, trying not to think about that too hard, when there was a knock on the door. That had to be them.

He hoped Cog hadn’t had a hard time with him. He’d asked her to repair some of the vibrators as a cheap option of getting Fizz out of the apartment, and he wasn’t sure what all that involved.  But he could guarantee Fizz would make it hard on her. He opened the door to find her standing in front of him, shoulders slumped and face tired. Fizz pushed around her and immediately grabbed him in a hug, picking him up and cradling him with a laugh as he buried his face between his horns.  

“Does this mean it went well?”

“Yeah, it’s fixed,” Cog deadpanned. “His sensors were off for a while. It was the only way I could work on the repair without...distractions. He’s been this way since I turned ‘em back on.”

Concord smiled as the hand on Fizz’s neck slid around to caress his jawline. Fizz lifted his head and as they were leaning in for a kiss, Cog cleared her throat.

“I have some recovery instructions for you.” 

Concord looked over at her and Fizz just moved in to kiss his cheeks and neck instead. He laughed softly and touched his forehead to Fizz’s, letting him get in a few more kisses before insisting on being put down. Once on his hooves again he came to Cog’s side.

“Okay, what do I need to know?” 

“I’d rather you read it,” Cog replied, handing him a piece of paper. “But overall, he needs time for things to cement. Certain things shouldn’t get too hot or jostled for the next 24 hours. It’s all on there.” 

Concord unfolded the instructions and as he read his face fell. Uh oh. 

“So. Nothing at all?” 

“Not unless you want me to have to fix it again.” 

“He’s not going to like this.” 

“Yeah. Good luck with that.”

She gave him a firm pat on the shoulder before taking her leave. Fizz’s hands wrapped around his horns and tilted his head back to smile down at him. Oh, boy. He smiled back nervously. 

“Oh! I have a surprise for you.” 

He turned around and took his hand, leading him back to what was once his office. Maybe this would distract him for a little while. Concord opened the door and gestured vaguely inward. It was only when Fizz chuckled and scooped him up that he realized he’d aimed it at the bed. Fizz rolled them onto the covers and Concord was trapped between the wall and the overly affectionate jester. 

Not that it would normally be a bad thing, but he couldn’t let him get too turned on. But he also couldn’t help returning the excited kisses. He seemed touch-starved after what was probably only a short time without his sensors. He broke free from a particularly passionate kiss, breathing escalated as he stared into Fizz’s eyes. Damn, he wanted to give in so bad.

“Fizz, the bed isn’t what I wanted to show you.” 

He looked amused as he ran his hand over his horn. 

“It could be if you let it.” 

Concord had to smile. Damn him. 

“I spent the day getting it ready for you.” 

“Show me after.” 

Fizz rolled him onto his back so he could straddle him, and Concord felt his resolve give a little more. His eyelids drooped, staring up at him from under his lashes. 

“You’re making this very hard for me.” 

“Mm. I hope so,” he shot back with a suppressed chuckle. 

Concord had walked into that one. He had to get out from under Fizz. With him on top, Concord wanted to submit so bad. If he could just get himself back on equal footing, he might be able to avoid having to pay for this repair twice. He had already tapped most of his savings as it was. 

He made a futile effort to wiggle out from under him, but Fizz held him down by the shoulders and spread kisses down his neck. Concord hands rose to grip Fizz’s arms as he titled his head. He wouldn’t be able to do it. It was time to just be honest.

“We can’t!” he blurted out finally. “Cog said no sex for the next twenty-four hours.”

“Cog’s not here.” 

“You’ll hurt yourself.” 

“We’ll have boring sex then.”

That made Concord laugh and Fizz’s face lit up at the sound. 

“I’m sorry. We can’t. You can’t even get too turned on. The heat.” 

“Oh, we’re already in trouble then. Might as well go all in .” 

He looked like he wanted to laugh but held it in, watching Concord’s face expectantly. Concord gave him the laugh he wanted. He noticed how Fizz’s eyes glowed a little brighter. So, he liked telling jokes, huh?

“You’re funny,” he replied, coy now. “Got anymore?”

Fizz put his chin in his hands, propped up on his elbows now as he told him a full on joke. Concord set him up for as many as he could and every time he laughed it seemed to feed something in Fizz. After a few, he seemed to have forgotten all about trying to sleep with him, more concerned with making him laugh.  

“Okay,” Concord said with one last laugh. “Okay, now can I tell you what the surprise is?” 

Fizz agreed at last and rolled off of him so he could sit up. Concord sat on the edge of the bed and cleared his throat, gesturing once again,

“This is it! I turned my office into a room for you.” 

Fizz tilted his head, the laughter seeping from his eyes. 


Concord had hoped for a more enthusiastic response, but confusion wasn’t that surprising either.

“So you have your own space. We can paint it and you can decorate it if you want.”

“You don’t want me in your room?” 

Concord felt the hollow tone of his voice hit him like a brick. It was more a statement than a question and Fizz’s posture started to shrink as if he were crumpling inward. Concord quickly reached for a hand. 

“Of course I want you in my room. If you want me with you, I’ll gladly be with you. But sometimes you’ll want to be alone and that’s okay. I simply want you to have someplace better than the closet when that need arises.”

Fizz squeezed his hand, perking back up a bit.  

“Can we paint it more than one color?”

Concord nodded with a smile. 

“Anything you want. This is your room now.”

Fizz’s free hand reached around to cup Concord’s cheek, turning his head so he could kiss him. His lips were soft and tender, making Concord’s chest flutter. He wanted to melt right into him. Fizz hadn’t been this gentle with him yet, and it felt so important. He gazed down at him as he pulled away and they shared a silent exchange, Fizz’s thumb brushing his cheek. Concord leaned his face into it.

“Will you cuddle with me?” 

Fizz let his arm wind around Concord’s waist and rolled them back onto the bed, pulling him close. Concord ran his hands down Fizz’s chest and nuzzled his face into the arms wrapping around him. 

“This is nice.” 

Fizz kissed the top of his head and pressed his face against the inside of his horn for a moment. Concord smiled dreamily, enjoying the pressure of Fizz’s arm around him. It made him feel safe. They laid together this way in silence for a while, sharing soft touches and kisses. Concord wanted to commit every moment to his memory. Every slight movement of skin on skin, every breath, every little noise. 

“Thank you.” Fizz whispered suddenly.

“I didn’t need an office anyways.”

“For everything you’re doing. I’ve been trying to thank you with my body. But you like words. So, thank you.” 

Concord smiled, trying not to laugh at his efforts at communication. His words came out a bit begrudgingly but sincere. It was cute. 

“I don’t mind at all.”

There was another long silence before Concord spoke again. There was something he’d been thinking went without saying. But he needed to be sure Fizz knew. 

“Fizz. I just wanted to make it clear, I don’t think of myself as owning you. You’re free to leave if you want. You don’t have to be with me.” 

An amused puff of air ruffled his hair. 

“You’re cute when you’re naive.” 

“What does that mean?” 

“I have to belong to someone, Concord. I’m property. If I’m not yours, anyone could claim me. Think about it.” 

“I guess I didn’t,” Concord sighed.

“But if I have to belong to anyone, I want it to be you. That’s why I chose you.” 

“Chose me? You mean you weren’t just pulling random people in off the street?” 

Fizz laughed. 

“Of course not. I watched you for weeks. You pass that pawnshop a lot. I remember the day I decided you were the one I wanted.” His voice went a little soft at that. “You were trying to give some asshole his wallet back. And he thought - “

“He thought I’d stolen it, so he punched me,” Concord finished. “You saw that?”

“And then you apologized to him for the misunderstanding. I thought, there’s no way this guy’s even gonna try to hurt me.”

Concord felt a warmth in his chest as Fizz chuckled at the memory. 

“You picked me because you thought I would be safe?” 

“And you seemed like a pushover on the sale. It was survival.” 

“But you picked me for a quality I try very hard to embody. I’m actually very flattered, Fizz. And, of course, you’d make your decisions based on survival. It’s what trauma does to you. I’m just glad that, for any reason at all, you looked at me and thought you’d be safe. That’s what I want to be for you.” 

Slender fingers slid through his hair and brushed his horn with the backs. 

“Then you don’t regret buying me?” 

“Not in the least.” 

His voice was filled with conviction, making sure he left no room for Fizz to doubt him. Fizz rolled him over on his back again and leaned over him. Concord smiled up at him and brushed his fingers over his cheek. He didn’t want to ruin the mood, but he wanted to make sure Fizz understood. 

“You still don’t have to be with me, if you don’t want to. You don’t owe me this.”

He felt like a broken record, but he was so afraid of accidentally coercing Fizz into something he didn’t really want.

“Oh, I wanna,” he replied with a lusty gaze. “I wanna so bad.” 

“You’ve got a timer counting down in your head, don’t you?” 

He nodded before burying his face in Concord’s neck, pushing his shirt off his shoulder as he kissed his way down to the bite mark still healing there. 

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard tomorrow.” 

“Give me something to look forward to after work,” Concord responded in a breathy voice.

Fizz gave him a mischievous chuckle before leaning back in towards his neck and whispering all the things he wanted to do to him, sprinkling sweet kisses and dirty words across his skin. As he went on, Fizz could feel Concord’s arousal pressing against him and made a sound of frustration.

“Maybe I should go take care of this and end your suffering,” Concord suggested. 

He maneuvered over Fizz and off the bed, but Fizz clutched his arm. 


He stretched his arms out after him as he pulled free, flopping over the side of the bed dramatically. As Concord exited, he could hear Fizz calling after him.

“You could have at least let me watch!”