Taking It Slow

Fandom: Hazbin Hotel
Ship: Husk/Angel
Word Count: 1,628
Warnings: Foreplay

Angel sighed and hung his head before rolling off of Husk and sitting on the edge of the bed. He kept his head down, the bottommost set of hands gripping the mattress, one hand covering his face, another buried in his chest. 

“I knew it. I fuckin’ knew it.”

Husk had to lay there a moment, waiting for his irregular breathing to settle. He sat up and reached out towards Angel’s shoulder, but he jerked away. 

“I knew ya didn’t wanna. I told ya you didn’t hafta. But you let it go this far anyways.” The fist clutching at his chest tightened as he looked up, anger and hurt in his eyes. “Are you tryna break my heart?”

“What? No, I-”

“It’s me, isn’t it? I'm just a ‘two-bit whore.’ Too nasty for you to fuck, right?”

Angel held himself with most of his arms, still clutching his chest as his head fell again. Husk’s own words being thrown back at him made him flinch. He hadn’t realized those insults even phased Angel. He always took them in stride, ran with them even. Now he felt like a fuckin asshole.

“If I wanted to feel like shit, I’d’ve gone to work.”

“Do I get a chance to talk or is this a fuckin monologue?” Husk demanded, fur bristling in frustration. 

“Fine. Just say it already. I ain’t good enough for ya.” 

“I didn’t say tha-!” 

Husk caught himself before he could go off and took a deep breath. He scooted closer, holding a paw out. 

“Give me one of those damn hands.” 

Angel reluctantly put a hand in his paw without looking at him. Husk held onto it like a lifeline, trying to find words to explain himself and apologize all at the same time. 

“I’m sorry I ever said anything to make you think that’s how I see ya. That’s not what this is about.” 

“Then what is it?” 

“Honestly, you scare the fuck outta me, kid.” 

“Excuse me?” Angel demanded furiously, retracting his hand.

“No, I didn’t mean-. Fuckin’ hell. It’s just...look!” He held up a fist full of feathers that had fallen out when he hit the bed. “I’m over here moltin’ I’m so damn nervous!” 

The anger and hurt seeped out of Angel’s face and he searched Husk’s eyes, forcing him to look away as he went on.

“You’re always flirtin’ and touchin’ and I just...don’t know how to handle that. I ain’t had that kind of attention since I was alive. And I don’t get what you see in this fucked up body.” 

He gestured at his torso, frustrated again. Angel grabbed his wrists to stop him, trying to look him in the eyes again.

“Husk, you been down here a long time. You really never been with nobody?” 

Husk just looked away, even leaned away a little. It’s not like he liked admitting it. It was fuckin embarrassing being some kinda demon-body virgin. Angel released his wrists and arms wrapped around him all up and down his body, pulling him close so Angel could rest his cheek against the top of his head.

“You gotta let go of your human body, Husk. It’s gone. And there ain’t nothin wrong with the body you got. So, stop lettin it be the punishment they want it to be. Make it yours, baby. Own it.” 

Husk’s arms went around Angel as he spoke and he buried his face in his chest, trying to hide the pain there. It just wasn’t that easy. He didn’t know how to come to terms with it and if he hadn’t by now, what chance was there it would ever happen? It was pointless to talk about it. So he tried to shift the conversation back to Angel.

“Didn’t mean to ruin your night.”

“Hey, this is still the best date I ever had.” 

Husk exposed a sardonic smile as he turned his head from the softness of Angel’s chest.

“Shit, that’s sad.” 

“I mean it,” Angel insisted, cupping his cheek and gazing down into his eyes. “You’re not as bad at this as you think you are, y’know?” 

Husk avoided eye contact and pulled out of his embrace, leaning away. Compliments were so damn uncomfortable. Angel’s hand ran down his arm and slipped into his paw, other hands finding places to stroke along his legs. It was kind of soothing and brought him leaning back towards him. 

“Why don’t we just take things slow,” he suggested gently. “You can do whatever you want. And if I do something you don’t like, I’ll back off, promise.” 

Husk looked a little miffed. Now he felt like he was being treated like some kinda fragile baby that might break at the least wrong move. But, like most things, it was his own damn fault. He sighed and gave Angel a tired smile. 

“Yeah, all right.” 

Angel fell back onto the bed, stretching his arms up over his head with a satisfied grin. 

“I’m all yours. Hit me big boy.”

Dammit. Why’d he have to put it like that? Nervous energy coursed through Husk as he leaned over Angel. Being put in control certainly helped him feel more confident, but his being in charge was just an illusion. Angel exuded sex, drawing him in the way the moon pulled at the tide or a hapless moth fluttered to its fiery doom.

Husk’s claws brushed over Angel’s hair as he went in for a tentative kiss, paw gliding down to cup his cheek. Angel’s arms came down around his neck, fingers tangling in his fur as he leaned into it. As Angel leaned up, Husk moved to straddle one of those long legs of his. His paw moved down to Angel’s shoulder and a claw gently slid the bra strap there aside. Angel broke the kiss to whisper in his ear. 

“Go ahead. Tear it.” 

Husk swallowed before hooking a claw under the bra and splitting it down the middle. As he did so, Angel captured his lips again, passionate and forceful. His paw rested on Angel’s chest as he focused on not losing it again, claws kneading the fluff there. More hands crept up his back and found places to rest on his hips. It was overwhelming trying to keep track of them all.

“Wait,” he gasped, breaking the kiss. “Too many hands.”

“Just one pair?” 

Husk nodded. Angel kissed his way along Husk’s jawline as the extra hands receded. He sighed softly, tilting his head as Angel’s lips trailed down his neck. One of the hands still in play moved down his back and slipped under a wing. As Angel’s fingers gently sifted through the feathers, Husk felt a shiver go up his spine. He tried to muffle the small, shaky sigh it caused in Angel’s hair.

“You like that?”

He nodded, a purr rumbling deep in his chest. Angel grinned deviously as he played in Husk’s feathers, fingers sifting through and messaging the skin around them - until one came out in his hand. He sat up a bit more with a concerned look.

“Oh, shit, baby. Sorry.” 

“It’ll grow back,” Husk muttered. “Keep goin.” 

His wings extended to their full length as his face sank down into the crook of Angel’s neck. He nuzzled in as he continued to purr and Angel’s fingers went back to work, one hand tending to the wing while the other trailed up and down his back in a soothing motion. 

“This really gets yer motor runnin’ huh?”

Husk made some kind of agreeable noise into his neck and flapped his wings, raining feathers down around them. He nipped at Angel’s neck causing him to respond with his own small sound of pleasure. He was starting to see what got Angel’s motor running himself. Too bad he wasn’t confident enough to fully give it to him yet. 

Angel had no trouble with his confidence and Husk sucked in a breath as Angel’s mouth found his ear, sharp teeth putting just enough pressure on the insides to send thrills through him. Angel’d found his two most sensitive areas so quickly and now he toyed with them both. Like he had some kind of radar for erogenous zones.

“Damn you’re good,” Husk breathed.

“Damn right I am.” 

Angel’s tongue flicked over the soft folds on the edge of his ear, sneaking a third hand back in to toy with his other wing. Husk’s knees went weak, the arm holding his weight shaking. He sank down into Angel, unable to keep himself up as he went on.

Angel’s hands slid down to the base of his wings as he collapsed into him. He let his fingers continue to play around the plumage there as Husk buried his face in his chest again. He brought in a fourth hand to massage the inside of his ear, making him purr all the louder. He hid his face in his chest fluff. 

“You like it in there?” Angel asked with a laugh.

“I live here now,” he responded, muffled. 

“I’ll forward your mail.” 

Husk grinned as Angel’s fingers became more gentle and soothing than probing. He could feel his body relaxing from the tension he’d built up, Angel’s arms eventually sliding around him to bundle him up in an embrace again.

“How was that? Too much?”

Husk shook his head, turning it into a nuzzling motion. 

“God, I’m glad I let you win that game.”

“You let me win? That’s not how I remember it, baby. As I recall, I threw ya off yer game, so you couldn’t get that Ace and Queen you had lined up.” 

Husk lifted his head and gave him a devilish grin. 

“You sneaky son of a bitch.” 

“You know you love it,” Angel replied cheekily.