The Pick Up

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Loona/Sallie May
Word Count: 398
Warnings: None

Loona leaned back against the fence and dicked around on her phone as Moxxie continued to make a fool of himself at this stupid redneck bullshit. She’d gotten enough video of him to make a movie by now and she wasn’t about to waste anymore space on his dumbass. As she scrolled, a shadow fell over her phone and she looked back to find one of the wrath Imps leaning against the fence from the other side, back to hers.

Sallie May leaned back enough to look up at her and gave Loona a cheeky grin. 

“Hey, girl, didn’t catch yer name earlier.” 

“Loona,” she shot back, turning her eyes back to her phone. 

“Sallie Mae. Millie’s sister.”

“Aren’t you in this game?”

“Hell, yeah. It’s intermission.”

“Then...why are they still fighting?”

She nodded her head in the direction of ten or twelve Imps brawling in the mud, including Moxxie. Sallie May gave a short chuckle as she watched one of them get him in a choke hold.

“I told Moxxie it was a special round and got a few of the boys to fuck with him.” 

Loona couldn’t help but give her an impressed smile at that.

“I like you.”

“Back at ya, girl.” Sallie May turned around and leaned forward, arms crossed over the fence. “You got a nice smile. Bet you could really rip a throat open with those pearly whites.” 

Loona looked a bit caught off guard and looked back down at her phone, suddenly shy. 

“Oh, yeah? I mean, yeah. I guess so. Thanks.” 

“What’s a pretty little hellhound like you do for fun?” 

Loona looked down as Sallie May ran the back of her fingers down her arm, leaning up towards her face with a seductive gaze. Loona shut down. 

“Uh...I don’t- I don’t get out much.” 

“Shame. Hell don’t know what it’s missin’ then.” 

Sallie May slipped a piece of paper into her hand as Moxxie was thrown by them, screaming. She looked down at it dumbly.

“I’ll be up your way in a couple’a weeks. Give me a call if you feel like raisin’ a little hell.” 

Loona watched as she turned and headed back towards the audience, raising a hand over her head as she went. Loona looked back down at the phone number in her hand and blinked. Did she just get hit on?

“Holy shit.”