The Time Skip

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Robo Fizz/Concord (OC)
Word Count: 2,319
Warnings: This story is generally sexual in nature. It also explores trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and rape. This chapter includes a character being triggered and a sex scene.

Despite the ever present desire to murder Fizz’s previous owner, things really seemed to be going well. Fizz opened up more as the weeks went on. He became more playful and seemed to revel in making Concord laugh. It wasn’t hard. Fizz had brightened his days in ways he hadn’t thought possible. While they were still in the honeymoon phase, there seemed to be more domestic moments as time went on. Things didn’t always seem to end in sex.

He had a few pin pricks of white speckling his shoulders now but these were scars he didn’t mind. Most of Fizz’s bites healed up and left nothing behind, many only ever left bruises, but there were times he got a little carried away. Concord just wore a lot more turtlenecks to work which didn’t fool Lannah in the least. Eventually, he had to admit who his lover was, but she didn’t seem to judge him for it. 

Things had slowly gotten more colorful and less professional in Fizz’s room. He’d chosen several bright colors to splash across the wall and he liked to hang things from the ceiling. Concord couldn’t see any rhyme or reason to the collection, but it made him happy. Origami, glass ornaments, streamers, strings of beads, tinsel, broken jewelry, anything circus themed. Some he found and some Concord bought when they caught his eye. Sometimes he found Fizz just lying on his back, watching them twirl and shine in the light.

About a third of the time Fizz decided they had to sleep in his room because Concord needed to look at something other than his drab browns and grays. And maybe he did. Everything felt so light and dreamy now. He held onto that feeling for as long as he could, always waiting for the bottom to drop.

He had recurring dreams of Fizz deciding to leave added to his nightmare roster. Despite what Fizz had said when Concord told him he wasn’t bound to him, he lived with the fear that he’d one day realize he could do better and choose someone else. But when he woke from these nightmares or those of his mother it was to a tangle of limbs wrapped around him and soft kisses pressed to his skin. 

Fizz had his own nightmares, and Concord tried to be there for him as well. But when he woke from them, he accepted no comfort. Concord couldn’t force it on him, but he sorely wished he would take it instead of retreating to another room to deal with it on his own. He didn’t know how to reach that level of trust and hoped it was only a matter of time.

They never put a label to what they shared and Concord had been afraid to tell him that he loved him. Sometimes, he thought about it, but the amused expression Fizz had given him when he’d complimented his eyes always floated to the surface and smothered the desire. He wasn’t sure how it would be taken, and he didn’t want to do anything that would ruin what they had now. But he knew himself and he wouldn’t deny how head over heels he was for the jester. Just watching him do nothing at all made him smile. 

He watched Fizz now, laying on his stomach on the couch, legs kicking in the air as he flipped through a magazine lazily. He kind of had to keep his legs in the air, the couch being built for imps, but it was still damn cute. He gave a bored sigh before flopping down face first on the magazine, turning his head to face him.

“Hey, baby, let’s go to the movies again.” 

“Why should I spend the money when all you want to do is make out in the dark? We can do that here.”

“It’s more exciting to see what I can get away with in public,” he replied, sitting up to put his chin in his hands, sticking his tongue out. 

Concord laughed. 

“Fine. You’re lucky you’re cute.”

Fizz froze for a moment, followed by sudden movement. He startled Concord with how fast he sat up. His whole demeanor changed. He looked agitated, like he might run if he weren’t gripping the couch so hard. 

“I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong?” 

“No. ...Yes.” 

Fizz’s leg bounced as his eyes searched for something Concord couldn’t see. He joined him on the couch, slow and careful in his movements, and put a hand on his back. Fizz relaxed a bit. His eyes came back into focus.

“Just something he used to say.”

Concord had picked up a few of these triggers by trial and error. They’d even reached a point where Fizz didn’t lash out when it happened. He found himself sorting them into categories of violence and neglect. All violence he attributed to the owner who had set his safe word to something so insidious. Anything regarding neglect seemed to belong to a female owner that Fizz wouldn’t talk about either. Concord never pushed him, but he collected clues when they came, trying to piece together a history.

“I’m sorry. I’ll add that to the list. Can I hug you?”

Fizz nodded, so he wrapped his arms around him, nuzzling his face against his arm. He still held so much tension in his frame that Concord was concerned whether or not it could handle it. He still hadn’t saved enough to have his chest stabilized, having put his arm higher on the priority list. 

“I’m here,” he whispered softly. “He’s not. It’s just you and me.” 

Fizz relaxed further and he broke the hug enough to let Concord slip under his arm to press up against his side. He wasn’t surprised to feel a bit of shaking. It fed the creature of rage nestling in his heart a little more and he felt it grow. But, outwardly, he remained calm, running a soothing hand up and down Fizz’s side until the shaking subsided. Concord looked up at him to find him staring back with a slight smile.

“Are you okay now?” 

He gave him a slight nod.

“You’re good at this,” he joked. “You should consider doing it for a living.” 

Concord rolled his eyes and pushed him away, but Fizz pulled him back and into a passionate kiss. He leaned him back against the arm of the couch, tongue slipping around his own and feeling its way around his mouth. Concord had to gasp in air when he released him. 

“Forget the movies. Let’s just stay home and play.”

Fizz chuckled at his flushed face and pulled Concord’s lower half onto the couch. Concord gave him a knowing smile. He wasn’t sure if it was exactly healthy, but he often used sex as a way to forget about his triggers. Concord didn’t mind being used this way. If he were honest with himself, it probably added to his pleasure. But he put a finger to Fizz’s lips as he came in for another kiss. 

“I don’t want you to think that I in any way mind being a comfort to you, but sometimes when you’ve been triggered you’re..a little rougher than usual. I really don’t mind normally. But I have to visit my mother tomorrow. Could you be gentle with me today?” 

“If I’m gentle with you, can I be rough with her?” Fizz responded with an evil grin. 

“I told you, you’re not coming with me.” 

“Mmm..but I am.” 

Fizz’s fingers began working on the buttons of his shirt. 

“It’ll just upset her.” 

“But I’m still going,” Fizz repeated, fingers sliding down his bare chest. “Because you’re mine and I have to protect you.” 

Concord felt a shudder run through him as he reached his pants. 

“No fair. You know what that does to me.” 

“My little Concord,” he breathed against his neck. “My little plaything.” 

Concord squirmed beneath him, biting his lip, hoping he could encourage that hand to keep going. He wrapped his arms around Fizz’s neck.

“Fizz, please…”

“Mmm, I love to hear that.” 

Fizz worked on his pants as he tasted Concord’s shoulder before lightly nibbling on it, sharp teeth just grazing the skin. 

“Don’t bite,” Concord gasped out, fingers gripping his neck, pulling him in closer. 

Fizz chuckled at the contradiction between his words and his actions.

“No biting at all?” 

“Mm mm.”

“Whatever will I do with my mouth then?” 

Concord’s breathing came out a shudder as Fizz’s hand finally slid down to fondle him. 

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” 

“Mmm, I think I have an idea.” His fingers were slow as they wrapped around his cock before pausing. “But I don’t know if I’m feeling it. Especially if I’ll be home alone tomorrow.”

“I’m not buying it.” 

Concord attempted to call his bluff, giving him a defiant look. Fizz grinned back at him, lightly stroking, just enough to tease. They stared each other down for a few moments before Concord finally broke as they both knew he would.  

“Okay,” he finally breathed, hips rolling as he tried to get Fizz going. “Okay, you can go. Stop being a cock tease.” 

He pulled Fizz’s face down for a hungry kiss as he picked up the pace. Fizz increased the pressure of his grasp and Concord let out a soft moan as the kiss broke. Fizz slid from his arms, licking his way down his chest, pausing to give his scars individual attention. It had become a habit of his, but Concord couldn’t help but take greater notice of it today. 

He ran a hand over Fizz’s head, making him turn those beautiful eyes up to Concord’s. Concord smiled. Fizz turned a bit softer, kissing his scars now, lips brushing the skin gently until he reached the end of the line. Like a switch, he returned to his more lecherous mode, tongue snaking down to replace his hand. 

Concord gasped softly as the familiar sensation of constriction and release washed over him. Fizz knew him very well by now. He could play him like a master pianist and send him into ecstasy without even trying. But he seemed to be holding back a little now. He brought Concord close to climax before bringing him back down. He retracted his tongue suddenly rather than working him up again. 

He found that tongue exploring his mouth once more and let out a muffled groan as Fizz began shifting his position. Concord had no idea what he was doing, too enthralled with the eyes locked onto his and the passionate kiss. 

A kiss Concord broke with an unrestrained moan as Fizz settled himself on his cock. Fizz bit his lip and kept eye contact as he adjusted to the perfect tightness for Concord. He let out a pleased sigh once Concord was entirely enveloped, running his hands down his chest lightly. 

“I think I deserve a ride,” he purred. 

Concord lifted his hands to his chest and Fizz took them, interlacing their fingers. Concord liked the intimacy this brought and Fizz could use his hands as a stabilizer as he leaned over him. It wasn’t often Fizz wanted to do this but it made it feel special to Concord which made it all the more pleasurable for him. 

Fizz started off with slow, shallow thrusts at just the right angle. He took his time to work up a rhythm before switching it up on him. He started taking him deeper every couple of thrusts, watching Concord the whole time. He’d discovered Fizz found great pleasure in seeing the reaction of his lover. He’d stopped being self conscious of being watched and let every moment of pleasure or surprise show freely. Fizz’s eyes glowed brightly as he took it all in.  

Fizz threw his head back as he bounced a little faster, breath shaky. Concord tried to keep it together but he knew Fizz would come when he did. That didn’t mean he couldn’t hold on as long as possible for his lover. 

He gasped out his name softly as a vibrator switched on while he was deep inside. Concord let the pleasure wash over his face, sweeping away the initial surprise, as short whines and whimpers escaped him with each thrust. 

“You like that, my sweet little imp?” Fizz half-moaned, taking a moment to grind on him.

Concord could only gasp out little sounds of pleasure as he began to ride him again. Fizz could make out a few pleads between all the affirmative sounds after only a few moments. He smirked and decided to put Concord out of his misery. He switched the vibration strength a bit higher and gave him a few last, firm thrusts. Concord’s sharp nails dug into his hands as he cried out, and Fizz moaned with him as he activated his own orgasm so they could come together. A content smile spread over his face at the warm sensation of Concord’s cum shooting into him. He slid off after a moment. 

Concord stared straight up, barely seeing the smug face hovering over him as he caught his breath. Fizz’s lips caught his again,  but his kisses were soft and gentle, giving Concord plenty of room to breathe. He kissed his way down to his neck, resting his head against his shoulder. 

“Worth it.” Concord panted, releasing Fizz’s hands. 

His arm fell over the side of the couch and Fizz chuckled, fingers finding his hand again as he collapsed on top of him. Concord wasn’t even worried about how the visit would go right now. The nervousness would return to him later, but right now…

Right now, all he could think about was the way Fizz had smiled down at him, bright eyes filled with a satisfaction he could never believe came from him. It made it so easy to forget how hazardous his presence would be tomorrow.