The Trigger

Fandom: Helluva Boss
Ship: Robo Fizz/Concord (OC)
Word Count: 1,726
Warnings: This story is generally sexual in nature. It also explores trauma and abuse, including sexual abuse and rape. This chapter touches on the trauma and sexual aspects. There's a sexual explicit scene.

As Concord turned, Fizzarolli’s arm wrapped around his waist and slid him up the door until they were face to face. Concord tilted his head as Fizzarolli’s tongue ran up his neck before the jester descended on it. He must have really wanted that bite he’d been denied. The pressure of his teeth stopped just short of piercing flesh and Concord’s fingers curled in his shirt, a small sound of pleasure escaping. As he pulled away, his tongue flicked over the indents he’d left behind and Concord could already tell they would bruise.

“What a tasty little imp,” he purred. He ran a finger down his stomach and hooked it on the waistband of his pants. “I could just eat you up.”

Concord cried out as he bit down on his shoulder. This time he drew a little blood and sucked, tongue lashing around to find every drop. Fizzarolli’s long fingers slid down to fondle him, far gentler below the belt than above. Concord’s fingers dug into his neck as he held on, sucking in a breath as he tried to manage the pleasure and pain washing over him.

“Ah! F-Fizz...wait.”

Fizzarolli released his bite abruptly and Concord blinked, worried it was like when he’d told him to stop before. But Fizzarolli’s eyes were alert when he looked up at him.  

“I like that.”

“Biting?” Concord’s breathing was rough and he felt disoriented. “Well, I figured that out last night.” 

“The name. Say it again.” 


Concord’s breath caught in his throat as Fizz’s hand started working his shaft and he bit his lip. Those glowing eyes watched him intently, capturing every expression of pleasure his expert touch created. That piercing gaze should have unnerved him, but it only turned him on more. A combination of the shame and thrill of being seen so vulnerable clashed and sparked inside him. 

Fizz removed his hand, gaining a small whimper of protest from Concord. He pressed a kiss to his lips, tongue slipping in to explore his sharp teeth, tasting the coffee still lingering on his forked tongue. Fizz’s  good arm formed a more supportive harness, holding Concord against the door and spreading his legs. The hand of this arm slid up his chest, pushing his shirt out of the way. 

Fizz let his tongue loll out of his mouth as their lips parted. While Concord tried to catch his breath, it lowered to trace the white splotches on his stomach like a game of connect the dots. That much attention being paid to his scars sent a spike of anxiety through him. As Fizz met his eyes again, he clearly noticed. The tongue stopped its roaming and made its way further south, Fizz’s free hand pulling at his pants. It wrapped around Concord’s cock, spiraling along the shaft. It constricted and released sending a plethora of sensations shooting through him. 

Fizz used the dextrous muscle to pull his face in, the pressure of that move adding to the pleasure of sliding into his now overly moist mouth. The bells on Fizz’s hat jingled as Concord’s hands slid up to grip them. Fizz’s tongue slithered up and down his shaft in a slow rhythm as he sucked on the head, constricting and releasing, up and down. Concord’s mind went fuzzy again. He could hear himself moaning Fizz’s name as if from a distance as Fizz increased and decreased the speed of his tongue, bringing Concord close before easing him back down until he begged for release. 

Fizz was happy to give it to him once he’d gotten his fill. He brought him to climax this time and Concord held his head down, the grip on his antenna turning his knuckles pink as he came. Fizz made eye contact, swallowing pointedly. 

As he pulled away, his tongue slid off, wet with whatever passed as his saliva and Concord’s cum. Concord whimpered softly but it was smothered again by Fizz’s lips, tongue probing his mouth. Concord could taste himself on Fizz’s tongue as it met his own. It was simultaneously mortifying and exhilarating. As he broke the kiss, Fizz chuckled at the flushed and dazed face staring back at him.  

“You tasted so good I felt selfish keeping it to myself.”

Concord let out an airy laugh and smiled like an idiot. He pulled Fizz’s head close again and kissed the heart on his forehead before releasing his antenna. Fizz let him down gently and reeled his arm back in while Concord pulled his pants up, turning his back to Fizz as he did so which seemed silly after all that. 

He looked for something to focus on and took the papers Cog left for them, looking over the repairs they’d need to make eventually. Fizz kneeled behind him and leaned against his back, arms hanging lazily over his shoulders as he looked at the paper in his hand. 

“Do you want to talk about what we should restore?”

“It’s your money,” he replied easily, resting his chin between Concord’s horns. “Whichever features you want to use. I recommend getting the vibrators working again. That could have really made things good.”

Concord could hear the devious smirk in his voice but he couldn’t smile anymore. He stared at the estimate for his tentacle mode as his anger over it came rushing back. 

“Cog told me...your tentacle mode was ripped out.” 

“Oh, you want the freaky features, huh?” Fizz asked with an amused, almost impressed, tone. 

‘“No. Well, I don’t think so. But that’s not important. It was a part of you. Don’t you have any feelings about whether or not it ever works again?” 

Fizz stopped leaning on him as he spoke. When Concord turned to face him, he had stood, putting as much distance between their faces as he could. He refused to look down at him and, when he answered, his nonchalant voice rang hollow. 

“It’s a feature. It’s for your benefit, babe, not mine.” 

“Did one of your owners tell you that?” 

“That’s how it is. No one had to tell me.” 

He took Fizz’s hand and while he didn’t resist, he didn’t return the gesture either. Concord had poked something he shouldn’t have. But he couldn’t just leave it totally unresolved. He could at least communicate his own intentions.

“I don’t want it to be that way. With you and me.” 

Fizz’s fingers closed around his and he smiled down at him, sharp-toothed mask in place. 

“Whatever you say, babe.”

Concord decided he didn’t like being called babe. Fizz seemed to use it when he wanted to distance himself while being compliant. His fingers slipped out of Fizz’s and he sighed.

“I guess, if you don’t want to talk about it, we’ll just have everything fixed.” 

Fizz kept smiling at him blankly, head tilting back and forth, bells jingling. Now Concord was unnerved. Why did he have to open his big mouth? He could have waited to bring this up. 

“Do you need time to yourself?”

“Whatever you want, babe.” 

“What I want is for you to be happy.” 

“Sorry, babe. Is this not happy enough for you? How about now?” 

Fizz’s already face-splitting grin somehow got wider. Concord’s chest hurt at the sudden sarcasm, the bite marks on his shoulder and neck aching as he stared at Fizz’s teeth. He felt the trust he’d so easily given to the robot slipping.


Fizz went limp and hung in the air like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Concord’s hand went to his mouth.

“No! I didn’t mean that. You can move.” 

“Thanks, babe.” His head snapped up, grin still manic and uncanny. “You’re a very generous owner.” 

“Don’t call me that!” 

“Which one?”

“Neither. Please.” Concord was on the verge of tears. “Don’t do this. I just want to help you.” 

“Help me ?” Fizz cackled, bells jingling. “You can’t even help yourself. You were so in control yesterday. Sad, I fuck you once and now I can break you with a word. Babe.” 

Concord turned angry eyes on him, paper crumpling in his fist. But he stopped himself from retaliating. He took the time to breathe and count. Logically, he knew Fizz was only lashing out at him because he’d stirred up some traumatic memory. He couldn’t take it personally no matter how much it hurt. 

“I’m sorry I said anything to upset you. I really am. But hurting me won’t make your pain go away. And it won’t make me go away. If this life has taught me anything it’s how to take abuse. So, do your worst. I’ll still be here when you’re done.”

Fizz’s face sank into a neutral expression as he watched Concord clench his fist in his shirt. Right where his scars were. His eyes flicked back to his determined face. 

“Can I put myself away?” 

That caused Concord to tilt his head in imitation of Fizz’s own habit. 


“You said I could have time to myself.” 

“Uh..yeah. You can have all the time you need.” 

Concord watched, completely baffled, as Fizz turned from him and opened the coat closet. He sat down inside and pulled his knees up to his chin before closing the door. Concord’s mind only made the connections once he was out of sight. 

Someone had put him away when not in use. 

His outrage had him wanting to pull Fizz out of there but it might have turned into a safe space for him over time. There was no way for him to know. And today was clearly not the day to talk about issues. He decided he needed a bath and to tend to his own wounds. He washed himself, careful with the bite mark that had broken skin. It stung in more than one way.

He berated himself for trusting so easily, but he knew that he’d let him do it again. As many times as it took to help him heal. He buried his face in his knees, shivering. He had let the water go cold, but he couldn’t get out. A punishment for letting his guard down.

“You’re such a little bitch, Concord.”

Her voice came back to him unbidden and his fingers gripped his horns as he prepared to withstand the familiar flashback. Only this time he could feel Fizz’s tongue probing the wounds, connecting the dots.