This is where I keep gifs I've made. I don't make them often but here's what I got.

atbglogo.gif hazbinlogo.gif

Some gifs I made for this website of the openings of some of the shows or movies I've made fancontent of.
A Heathen friend told me the story of Vidar, a God in Norse mythology who takes all the scraps of bootmaking to make his own boot. Which he'll be using at Ragnarok to kick a giant wolf's ass. This was all that came to mind so I had to do it.
A gif I made to use on at some point. It's Cossette of Le Portrait de Petit Cossette.
BBRae.gif BBStar.gif RaeWink.gif RobinSmile.gif
Just a few old Teen Titans gifs I made back in the early 2000s. Possibly the first I ever really made outside of a few moving images on signatures.
This is probably actually one of the oldest gifs I ever made. From the comic VGCats.