Steven Universe Music Videos

Audio: Piccolo and Gohan from DBZ Abridged
Footage: Steven Universe Future
Date: June 20, 2021
Description: When my friends and I first watch Fragments together we made a lot of jokes about Steven receiving his Piccolo training from Jasper. So, I bring you this. The lip syncing isn't perfect on all parts but I haven't done lip syncing in quite a while, so I decided good enough.


Song: I'm Still Here
Artist: Tom Waits
Footage: Steven Univers: The Movie
Date: Februray-March of 2020
Warnings: For those with light sensitivities, there is exactly one singular white flash and one more subtle pink flash.
Description: I made this not long after I saw the movie. Spinel actually highly resembes an OC of mine. She even has a few similar mannerisms. So, I attached to her character hardcore. This is a song that was on that OCs playlist already that I thought was perfect for Spinel. There were some things I stil wanted to fix but I've left it sitting so long, I'm not going to end up going back to working on it.