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I've been making music videos since 2000/2001, using the very first Windows Movie Maker. I actually ended up creating most of my effects from scratch as the program didn't have any built in at the time. I stuck with Windows Movie Maker for a long time because it was free. But now I work primarily with Sony Vegas and use After Effects from time to time. Over the past two decades I've created nearly 200 videos. So, I have a lot of music videos, but they won't all be here. I'll try to pick at least one from every year I've made a video. The rest of the very earliest will be hidden safely in my external hard drive until I die and have it buried with me. But you can find some of my highlights of the past and see all the new things going forward. Most of my old videos make me cringe now, but I've decided to upload them for archival purposes and to show my progress.

I used to have a thing for using flashes of white. It hurts me now to even think of it. These videos will be marked with warnings.

Links still under construction.

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Listed chronologically to the best of my ability.

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