Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Fanfiction


Stolitz Week 2021: Prompts: Garden, Stargaze, Dream, Candlelight, Comfort, Dance, Free Day.
        • Dolorem Inferens Tenaci
Drunk Carry - Angel calls Husk to pick him up out of the gutter after a night on the town.
Sex and Therapy - An unsuspecting imp therapist gets looped into an impulse purchase and navigates his new relationship with an abused Fizzarolli Personal Companion.
        • The Impulse Buy
        • The First Night
        • The Assessment
        • The Trigger
        • The Conversation
        • The Aftercare
        • The Room
        • The Safe Word
        • The Time Skip
        • The Mother
        • The Switch
        • The Recovery Process
        • The Ambush
Proper Care and Maintenance - A collection of drabbles/one shots focused on various Fizarolli Personal Companions and their owners.
        • Machine Washable
        • Hand Wash Only
        • Proper Grooming
        • A Hot Mess
        • Unclean
        • Public Bath Party
Morning Routine - A little father-daughter bonding between Blitz and Loona.
Raising Hell - Sallie May woos Loona the only way a Wrath Imp knows how.
        • The Pick Up
        • An Unconventional Date
        • Daddy Issues
Personal Space - An exploration of Husk's self-hatred.
        • Personal Space
        • High Stakes
        • Date Night
        • Taking It Slow
Read 'em and Weep - Husk and Angel Dust play a little late night poker.